What does Russia deserve?! What do Russians deserve?!

Do Russians deserve political leaders who want to integrate with the West?!
Do Russians deserve leaders who want to preserve Russia's cultural identity?!
If the symbol of Russia is the double -headed Eagle, then certainly a two party system dovetails into the political heritage of the nation, and its national symbolism.
What the common man in Russia needs to understand is he has a voice. And what the political leaders of Russia need to understand is they must listen to his voice!
That no longer is the Russian citizen a political non-entity, a pawn on a chess board, to be moved to a position of life or death as dictated my his master , the leadership of Russia.
Don't let Russian apathy for participative Democracy mislead you down the primrose path of representative Democracy...once the Russian people get fully engaged with the politics of Democratic life, you'll have a full blown political bon fire of the vanities seeking power and glory, as all Russians want to rule the world and be the popular man and woman of the people who leads the country, and its people to greatness and prosperity Russia richly deserves....just believe in one Russian , one vote..and the country will be sailing on a new and dynamic course.

Yet, remember frontier justice is permitted, as bandits commits terrorist activities, as you hang em' high on the high plains, as they attempt to derail a country attempting to escape a century of unbearable death, misery, and pain.....as the young country ventures West in its political thoughts, and needs to treat harshly those who wish to derail the country from its noble and proper course. 
George Person

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov