The Legacy of Bush: Walking firmly towards Armageddon

Thursday. Baghdad. Three huge explosions, this time not caused by his cluster bombs but by the international terrorists

From Pakistan to Iraq to the Lebanon, fundamentalist violence erupts at a rate hitherto unseen with a venom never before felt, with a new deep-rooted seething hatred. The legacy of George Bush, whose incompetence and ignorance leaves a swathe of unrest in the most delicate area of the planet.

Thursday. Baghdad, which George Bush's "military troops", as he says, invaded over a year ago. Three huge explosions, this time not caused by his cluster bombs but by the international terrorists who flocked to post-Saddam Iraq (he was the one keeping them out). 42 dead, including 35 children. 141 injured.

The children had been attracted to the scene by US soldiers handing out sweets. However noble this gesture is, what are US troops doing interfering inside Iraq? How many more deaths are they to be responsible for and why did they go there in the first place?

Where are the Weapons of Mass Destruction that Bush talked about? Where are the weapons systems being driven around the desert, that Powell talked about and where are the caches of arms north, south, east and west of Baghdad and Tikrit that Rumsfeld talked about?

Where then is the apology from the arrogant, conceited and self-convinced incompetent Bush, admitting to his mistakes like a man?

The same day, bombs exploded from the Lebanon to Talafar, in northern Iraq, to Pakistan. The whole area is in flames, flames lit, fuelled and fanned by George Bush and his foreign policy which has united the world in a unanimous call for the American people to vote against this odious regime even if this means installing a buffer presidency for four years while the Republican Party does a much-needed purge of its ranks, having been taken by a clique of super-rich elitist corporate bosses, who confuse their own goals with Washington's, making a mockery out of democracy and clowns out of their people, while divorcing their country from the international community which they insulted so deeply.

But this is not the end of it. Destabilizing Iraq was a monumental error, which is painfully obvious with every day that passes. How Bush and Cheney and Rumsfeld can look at themselves in the mirror each morning defies logic.

However, there is far, far more. The prison of Abu Ghraib jolts the memory of all those who have been victims of, or who have visited, Dachau or Belsen or Auschwitz. The humiliation, the sexual depravity, the torture, the sheer cruelty, were all there,

Now we have proof that torture and murder have taken place elsewhere at the hands of US soldiers. A British detainee at Guantanamo, the US concentration camp in Cuba, has claimed that he was tortured.

Mohammed Begg has stated that he saw two other detainees being murdered in a letter released this week, the first communication to come out of this horrendous concentration camp.

Begg, who claims he is an innocent British citizen, has been held there for over two years without charge. He claims he was the victim of threats of torture, death threats and other coercive interrogation methods and that any documents that he might have signed admitting to his guilt were obtained as a result of torture.

He speaks of horrendous screams from men being butchered by US interrogators.

The stories just go on and on and on and on. Surely, the people of the United States of America have collective values better than this? How can they allow their good name to be usurped by this clique of elitists who have already squandered two hundred thousand million dollars of their workers' money and who are reportedly planning to launch similar invasions in Iran and possibly Syria?

Is this the better world the people of the USA want? A vote for Bush is a vote for Armageddon.

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Author`s name Olga Savka