Blair: Man enough to apologize

What about Bush?

For all his failings, skullduggery, forgeries, mistruths, half-truths, blatant lies, breach of the UN Convention and participating in an illegal war in which tens of thousands of innocent civilians were butchered, Tony Blair at least has the spine and the character to stand up before his Labour Party and apologise. If the ability to apologise is the measure of a Man, now the pressure is on for Bush to follow suit.

"I can apologise for the information that we gave that has turned out subsequently to be wrong" said Tony Blair in his address to the Labour Party conference in Brighton on Tuesday, regarding the issue of WMD in Iraq posing an immediate threat to the USA and its allies.

However, any elogies pertaining to Mr. Blair must cease here because since his address, he has continued to be manipulative and has continued to perpetuate the lie that Iraq had anything to do with September 11th. In his interview with Radio 4's programme Today, he claimed that any "reasonable" Prime Minister would have backed the USA because after September 11th, it was necessary to be "active" and not "reactive".

To jog the collective memory of Mr. Blair and those who people of his ilk have been trying to convince otherwise, September 11th was about Usama bin Laden and Al Qaeda, the sworn enemies of Saddam Hussein, the point of equilibrium who kept these elements well away from Baghdad.

It was Bush who drew international terrorism into Iraq by wholly destabilizing the country, then claiming that he was right to invade because the country is full of terrorists. This myth does not justify the fact that Iraq was invaded illegally, that a second UN Resolution was necessary to justify such an invasion and that such is declared clearly on every document coming from the UNO and anyway, is inherent and part of basic law under the terms of the UN Charter.

Trying to justify the attack by saying that the precept was wrong but the world is a better place without Saddam Hussein is the same as giving the nod to the lynch mob. International law exists so that lynch mobbings cannot prevail. What Tony Blair and Bush have done is to claim that the end justifies the means, whatever these are, even if these break international agreements.

The world cannot sit back and look on, allowing these war criminals to get away with what is at least a horrendous misjudgment. It is not sufficient to claim that what is done is in the past, is water under the bridge and that everyone has to pull together to stabilize Iraq.

There is an old adage which reads "You made your bed - now you lie in it!" The bare truth is that Washington had already decided to invade Iraq long before any WMD theories were trumped up. The bare truth is that the UNMOVIC weapons inspections teams were in Iraq before the invasion and found nothing.

The bare truth is that Bush and Powell and Rumsfeld and Cheney persistently lied through their teeth trying to invent a scenario which they knew did not exist and the truth is that in their haste, in their incompetence, they bit off more than they could chew.

The Iraq campaign is not going according to plan, the country is in chaos, terrorists are flooding into a region where none existed before and the whole area threatens to go up in flames, flames lit and fanned by Bush and his incompetent regime. This is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth and the world knows it.

Blair is man enough to own up to his mistakes. Now we will see if Bush has the spine and the decency to do the same thing, or if he will cower under the bedcovers, shivering in silence and hoping the mess he created will go away of its own accord - or if the international community will bail him out.

Why should it?

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov