Political hate speech in the American politics

Republican Party spin doctors are creating yet another 'acronym' - political hate speech

This new term, though, applies only when someone speaks critically of Bush. Meanwhile Bush and his velvet touch 527's (like swift boarts.org) are not considered as falling into the hate speech crowd.

Being a Republican and trashing your opponent is acceptable and part of the political process. If you are a Democrat and launch into your opponent is hate speech.

Republican National Committee chairman Ed Gillespie, who is heading up the effort to declare anything the Democrats say is to be labeled as hate speech, understands that Bush is faced with growing public uneasiness over Iraq. So, in an effort to deflect the criticism, he is try to show that Bush is a visionary acting to prevent future terrorist attacks on US soil despite the costs and casualties (even if it is every kid in America as long as it is not his two daughters) involved overseas.
Spin doctoring everything into a category of hate speech, is one step away from declaring any criticism of the president, as a hate crime which would remove all tenants of the First Amendment. Just like some people who believe gun registration is one step away from gun confiscation, 'hate speech' is one step away from being a 'hate crime'.

Bush is the only president in history to take such extreme measures to silence his critics but still lashes out with hate speech himself.

Michael Berglin

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Author`s name Olga Savka