The Legacy of Bush VII: Massacre Number Three

Women and children obliterated by Bush's illegal invasion force

Screaming engines. Screaming civilians. The screech of artillery tearing into Iraqi homes. The screech of terrified women and children cruelly disfigured by shrapnel. The howl of shells ripping through the air. The howl of babies who have seen their mothers' bodies ripped apart in the name of Freedom and Democracy. The Legacy of Bush, Chapter Seven.

The US Armed Forces, after more than a year, are still unable to take Fallujah, where the Iraqi resistance fights off the invader with increasing heroism. Against all odds, against the planes, against the tanks, against the artillery, against Bush's 150.000-strong invasion force, this handful of determined fighters protects their homeland and families against the Axis of Evil, at the centre of which is George W. Bush.

Responsible for tens of thousands of Iraqi casualties and over a thousand deaths among his armed forces, George Bush is sufficiently incompetent not to know where or when to stop because neither his God nor his Dick have given him a message.

After the slaughter of so many innocent lives in his chimerical quest for the Holy Grail (WMD), after the torture and rape of prisoners, after the sexual humiliation involving the most shocking acts of perversion witnessed outside Treblinka or Belsen or Dachau or Auschwitz, after the wholesale theft of Iraqi property, the US Armed Forces have now taken to committing massacres against children.sorry. "insurgents".

The third massacre since September 9th took place in Fallujah, where the local general hospital has confirmed that seven civilians have been murdered by US Armed Forces, including a woman and three children. The television does not lie. The images show screaming and terrified babies being pulled out from under piles of rubble. There are also eleven wounded, some in serious condition, including more children.sorry. "insurgents".

The legacy of Bush is that these images will not be shown to the citizens of the United States of America. The legacy of Bush is that this war criminal, this mass murderer will go down in the annals of history as the biggest liar and cheat the world has ever known. He is a fraud.

Time for regime change. This man stiffed the world.

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov