The US, terrorists, and hate groups

The US is adopting a policy of profiling – all though they officially deny it.   Our policy, though, does not follow any logical pattern. 

People with Moslem sounding names cannot fly a US airliner. Far too risky from a US perspective.  Reminds me of the whole Japanese thing back in World War Two – if you were of Japanese descent, you were declared the enemy and actions were taken based upon the shape of ones eyes.  We were very; very happy with that even though we knew we were in the wrong.

We weren't all that distressed at the guys running around with sheets over their heads lynching black youths in what was called “necktie parties”.  Heck, the KKK had a massive parade right in Washington, D.C. during the heady days of Freedom.

We did not have any problems with the Silver Shirts – the American Nazi Party waltzing down our streets, holding rallies with the Swastika flying next to the Start and Strips.  A party endorsed by Hitler himself.  After war broke out, America did not put people with German sounding names into detention camps and the Silver Shirts kept right on goose stepping.

Nobody was ever convicted in the lynchings that shaped America.  We yawned and went off to read other articles more of our liking.

The bombing of a Black church in which three little girls were killed, did not exactly raise the hackles if the land of All Men Are Created Equal.  What did raise our ire was when a Black family moved into our neighborhoods.

One of the official, but unspoken, positions of the administrations following Lincoln was: “The only good Indian was a dead Indian”.  Right here in downtown Land of the Free, home of the brave.

We still have the KKK and the neo-nazi movement blasting racial hatred and advocating racial wars and killings. These people are buying guns right along with the rest of America. And we encourage it.  Is it only me who mistrusts a loonie with a gun?  And am I the only one who is asking if these people might be terrorists themselves?  I think three dead girls killed in a bombing should be the answer.  But America does not agree with me.

We have gangs who are sniping LA police – we don't seem to think that is a problem because they are expressing themselves under the First Amendment.  Nope, they are not terrorists, that is for sure.

Never once has the US said: These US based hate groups and their web sites have to go, however, we will tell them how to file for a concealed weapon permit.  Face it, we're dysfunctional – we are a nation who should have Prozac as a major food group.

The US has created problems in the Middle East, and when they poke us in the eye, we want to drop the atomic bomb on them, and we are going stop them from coming to this country.  Just after the Viet Nam conflict ended, members of the Viet Cong came here settled down and are enjoying life.  This defies logical explanations.

Under US Law, it is illegal to eve suggest violent over throw of the US government – I suspect the law was written because we remember how we overthrew England.  But the US does have US citizens that are calling for armed revolution and these people are taking to the streets.  Not problem in our book and we cannot bring ourselves to look at them as being possible terrorists.  Despite a deep throat investigation by the FBI, these groups were pointing out places they plan to bomb, we still see them as law abiding citizens and not terrorists.

If it is any consolation to anyone, the new US protocol for the No Fly list also identifies anyone with a less than perfect credit score as a major security risk to the US.  Ted Kennedy found out the hard way being a Democrat is also a major security risk to America.

I wonder if God is going to make it to the US list of terrorists.  Sodom & Gomorrah, the flood – you know, these things do have a pattern of aggressive use of force. Watch out God, you're next.

Michael Berglin

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov