Does anyone remember SPUTNIK?

In America while one still has freedoms. If they are not lost or shoved under the carpet with the dirt many Americans would rather not see or hear any more.  I always hear that America has to get into a war some where to keep the world free.  Or to keep freedom in America.

When is America going to wake up and stop listening to the mis-alined bunk of propaganda and disinformation?  America is not always NUMBER ONE!!!!

Does any one remember SPUTNIK?  The Russians put that transmitter into orbit in 1957.   Again in April 1961 Yuri Gagarin was the first human into space and America Put Alan Shepard up a month later, May 1961.  Yes America was the first to set foot on the moon July 1968.  Yet Russia put the first space station up called Salyut meaning Salute.   Russians last big push into space placed the MIR space station into orbit.  MIR Meaning PEACE. The year was 1986.

The Soviet Government collapsed four year later with Glasnot meaning Openness.  No! America did not win the cold war as to the claims it spent Russia into the ground and it went broke.  Viet Nam was a war that was not won.  America got out and Viet Nam was not free.  Does any one remember POL POT or THE KEMER ROUGE.  That was the take over in Viet Nam when America could not win the war there.

I am a free American in mind, sprit and in speech.  If it is not right, yes I will say something. If one does not want to accept in what I write in my view points. Then they are welcome to their own opinions. So be it. I will not involve myself in debates.

In belonging to a chartered organization, I opened my mouth and said what was not right.  I was given the lead position due to that.  Holding the lead for seven good years. That organization did more in that seven years then it had done in its 72 year history.  Five years after I left it in good health. Those that it were left to ran it into the ground losing the charter.

In  my American family tradition, the white half of it, came to the first settlement at Plymouth Mass. The American Indian part was here a bit longer. Yet my heritage is among the family tree of Ethan Allen.  For those whom have studied the American Revolution.  One will find that Ethan Allan was very out spoken. As it seems, I inherited that.

The American revolutionaries were the true freedom fighters of freedom here in America.  It is up to us Americans today. To keep check on the politicians we elect from taking it from us.  We have the finest form of government there ever was.

Charles Fargo

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov