Bush running scared

Bush speech at UNO incoherent, inadequate and apologetic
George Bush delivered a puerile, simplistic and shallow speech at the 59th Session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York, the very Organization whose Charter he broke when he decided to deride, disregard and insult its institutions, launching his shocking act of butchery in Iraq.  

George Bush went to the UN building knowing full well that the eyes of the world would be resting upon him. What ensued was a clinical demonstration of hypocrisy and a perpetuation of the web of lies that his regime has spun.

His speech had four main points: a weak and unconvincing attempt to justify the attack against Iraq, a plea to fight international terrorism (and an unstated but very present linking of Iraq to the same cause), a request to the United Nations to do more to rebuild Iraq and a gentle rap on the
knuckle for Israel, a cosmetic addendum for the most gullible, misinformed and ignorant to swallow.

The speeches of George Bush are becoming shallower and shallower, more and more simplistic and less and less convincing as his squrming in the quagmire of his own making grows stronger and stronger and ever more desperate. At
the United Nations building yesterday, he was thrashing around like an animal caught in a trap, hoping to free himself with ever more dramatic and drastic moves, only to worsen the situation through his own limitations and stupidity.

Firstly, how can one defend the undefendable? The attack against Iraq was illegal under international law and the person or persons who crafted the speech for President Bush to read knew full well that under each and every Resolution and under the principles of the UN Charter, a resort to war had necessarily to be approved by a majority vote in the Security Council. It was this Council that Bush avoided like the plague, knowing full well that the majority could not be forged despite desperate attempts at bullying and blackmail. An own goal. 0-1.

Secondly, how can Bush stand before the world and reiterate or perpetuate the lie that he and his regime have invented, namely that Iraq and international terrorism were connected? Either he is by now a compulsive liar who believes his own inventions, or he has been brainwashed, or else swallowing too many pretzels without chewing.

If Iraq had been about international terrorism, Bush himself would not have admitted that there was no evidence linking Baghdad to Al Qaeda and Washington would not have spoken about WMD. When the first lie was found out for what it was, the second was invented and since Bush is gullible enough
to believe it, he thinks his people and the world community will fall for it. The only one to fall for the Iraq/international terrorism lie is Bush, apparently, and possibly the people who consider voting for him. Another own goal. 0-2.

Thirdly, asking the UNO to up its programmes to support Iraq, after having insulted and derided this Organization and after breaking its Charter, is the epitome of arrogance and short-sightedness. He might as well puncture the tyres of the local schoolteacher's car so that he cannot turn up for school, then accuse him of being late. If Iraq is anywhere near elections,
it is due to the selfless and constant efforts of the UNO, not to the murderous and incompetent military forces of Washington, which are responsible for war crimes, dropping cluster bombs in civilian areas, choosing civilian infra-structures as military targets, committing massacres and killing or maiming tens of thousands of innocent people. Another own goal. 0-3.

Bush indeed came near to scoring a goal with his mention of international terrorism but since his country was so utterly unconvinced when Moscow was already bring this point up years ago and was happy to call the Chechen terrorists "rebels" or "separatists" and turn a blind eye to financing operations - and since close allies of the USA grant political asylum to
terrorists wanted by Russia - at best this can be classified as a shot off target.

His mention of Beslan was touching but then again, what value have the words of a mass murderer and a war criminal when speaking about the slaughter of children, when Washington's forces, of which Bush is the Commander-in-Chief, did the same thing in Iraq? What is the difference between strafing a child in the back and dropping a cluster bomb on his house? The Chechens butchered hundreds of innocent children at a school. Bush butchered hundreds of innocent children in their houses. Own goal number 4.

What really takes the biscuit in Bush's childish and insulting speech - an insult to the collective intelligence of the international community - is the reference to Israel, which must dismantle unauthorised outposts and end the "daily humiliation" of the Palestinian people. Who has supported,
financed and armed Israel from day one, who has turned a blind eye to its excesses and who has consistently vetoed or abstained from resolutions condemning the more ugly characteristics of Zionism? After five own goals, it may be better to substitute the player.

Time for regime change.

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov