C. Fargo: "I am not anti-American"

Here In America, all citizens have the freedom of speech along with many other freedoms aforded  if we as American citizens do not lose them.  Quite often I write articles in the Pravda, excercising my freedom of speech.  Along with many others, reguardless of opinion.

Yet with the context and nature of many articles I have written.  Some in their opinions in which they have a right to. Have noted in The Pravda that I have a hatred for America. They have that right to believe that. Yet I wish to defend myself on my opinions.

First and foremost I do not hate my country, America.  I do have some rather bias and prejudice opinions, without malace.  Those opinions are centered around.  When only part of the truth is told to have situations appear to be something some one else wishes it to be in a form of propaganda or
disinformation.  Or that the truth is not told at all.  Another dislike, or pet peeve is the racial oppression or anti-semitic nature of some American citizens toward others.

In my recent past in living in one county here in America.  A retired state trooper ran and was elected  Sheriff.  The younger of his two sons had married a Black African woman.  The children being maloto.  The deputies to the gentleman  14 in total.  Refered to the sheriffs grandchildren as NIGGLETS.

In the same county which is located in Upstate New York USA.  In one town The Ku Klux Klan  is  still very much alive and well.  With ethnic hate towards those that are not White Anglo Proestent.  WASP for short.  Up untill the mid 1930,s that certain Klan did burn crosses on the west side of town.  Or on ones lawn.  The Klan is outlawed so to speak but it still

If one disagrees that there is no longer  racal bias or hate in this country or anti-semitisem.  In my opinion that person is either blind, in denial or is a hermit and is out of touch.

If I speak of past racial atrocities  or of negitive things committed against another or a group. How can my person be tremed as ANTI-AMERICAN.  Unless the person stating it is a bigot in self denial.

Charles Fargo

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov