Is Bush, aka "Dubya", more severely mentally incapacitated than thought?

Questions are arising about Bush's mangling and mixture of words, as the American press frequently calls “Bushism”.

While we may think it is funny, one doctor is saying that Bush is suffering from the onset of Alzheimer's disease and his “bushisms”, or mangled words, are a symptom physicians call `confabulation' and are almost specific to the diagnosis of a true dementia. 

If readers remember, Bush’s behavior has gotten pretty erratic and totally out character for a person of his religious beliefs. White house staffers complain that Bush can go  from Bible quoting in the morning staff meetings to sudden outbursts of screaming rage the next.  They have also reported Bush given them directives to “F*** over someone who has irritated Bush.  Bush doesn’t seem to be able to recall his own behavior or his outbursts of absolutely frightful screaming tantrums.   

It was reported that Bush was prescribed some sort of medication, but no indication of what medication.  In a few cases, a person with depression can display irritability, but the rage Bush displays, as staffers talk about, is not one of the symptoms of a depressive episode – it is something deeper than that.

Joseph Price, a physician from Carsonville, MI, started on the hunt for clues.  He states that Bush appears to be lucid in his younger years, as evident by Bush’s graduation from an MBA program.  Even through his 40’s, Bush doesn’t display any sign of ‘confabulation'.  However, things are starting to look very serious right now. 

Couple this with Bush's growing and widening paranoia adds up to something is very wrong with Bush’s mental capacity and his ability to think in a rational and cognitive manner.  

It also seems that Bush might be falling victim to voices echoing in the inner trappings of his own fabrications of the truth – the weapons of mass destruction are one example.  Despite the findings of the inspectors, Bush wanted so desperately to believe the Iraq had stock piles of WMDs and fabricated an entire spin around it. Manipulating the facts to fit the supposition.

Bush is also getting incredibly more hostile towards his critics, calling them enemies of the state.  Hitler and Stalin shared this same type of rabid hatred towards people who did not agree with them. 

One senior GOP person, who asked not to be named, has stated “We might have to face the very real possibility our president is loonie-tunes”. 

This is building to a point where we should be very concerned – Bush has his finger on the triggers of America’s nuclear missiles.

Michael Berglin

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov