The Legacy of Bush V

This is the legacy of George W. Bush, the man who says he stands for peace and stability

The legacy of George W. Bush, who launched an illegal war against Iraq without a just cause (where are the weapons?) is that he has created Armageddon, sowing the seeds of chaos in a region which neither he, nor his legions, understood.

He thought he could breeze in and waltz out, saying "Freedom and Democracy" type phrases and everyone would welcome him with open arms. What he sees now is that his invasion force is hated, his invasion force commits massacres of civilians (while his security forces have been caught committing acts of sexual depravity and torture), his invasion force is being attacked all over Iraq, not in isolated incidents but all day, every day, every single day, in the north, centre and south of Iraq.

This is the legacy of George W. Bush, the man who says he stands for peace and stability. Stability?? After wholly destabilizing Iraq and allowing international terrorists to flood into the country?

Today was yet another day of violence which the Iraqi people never saw during the government of President Saddam Hussein. Furious gun battles were fought in central Baghdad during what the US Forces described as a "security operation". In other words, they were launching raids to crush the Iraqi Resistance/Freedom Fighters.

There was another car bomb explosion in Rashid Street, which killed at least three policemen and injured 37 passers-by.

In Basra, the Resistance Fighters of Moqtada al Sadr clashed with British troops, resulting in one soldier being injured.

In Falluja, a day of air strikes produced yet another massacre of civilians, including women and children, as US aircraft attacked what they claimed to be "foreign terrorists". Who are the foreign terrorists in Iraq? Arab freedom fighters or US pilots who slaughter kids?

The Iraqi Health Ministry has confirmed that 44 civilians were killed in this massacre, one week after a similar incident in Baghdad in which a US helicopter strafed civilians standing around an armoured vehicle.

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Author`s name Olga Savka