The Iraq War - Continuing and getting worse because of Bush

The situation in Iraq is worse, not better.  Bush had no post-war plan to help Iraq after the 3-week war.  Resources were looted, including national treasures.  Much of the money designated for Iraqi recovery has disappeared into the pockets of crooked Iraqis and large corporations like Haliburton.  Iraq's infrastructure is a disaster.  Security is poor and getting worse.  Bush invites us to vote for him because he has done a good job in Iraq. That's a rediculous, even dishonest claim.  When the 9/11 terrorism happened 3 years ago, Bush had the opportunity to work as never before with the world and its nations.  The truth his, he squandered that opportunity.  The result is that the USA is held in contempt by most nations in this world, with Iraq fast moving in the direction of Civil War.
Reply to Opinion: "Putin: Are the changes he is making cause for concern" by Michael Berglin:
While I have high respect for President Putin, I see his latest political actions very much parallel to the "cowboy attitude" of Mr Bush.  In unilaterally changing the political makeup of Russia, Pres. Putin is essentially suppressing a democracy for which so many have given their lives and energy. A good Leader will listen to dissent.  Neither Bush nor Putin want to.  In Russia, newspaper opinion is being suppressed.  Editors are forced to resign.  The door to review of KGB archives has been eliminated.   Criticism will not be tolerated.  The people will no longer have an opportunity for participation in their government, except through hand-picked candidates and governors favorable to Mr. Putin.  Already, the adoring cult of Mr. Putin is developing; there are cookies, dolls, clothes, and monuments and other memorabilia all over Russia exalting his perfection. The results seems predictable, a possible return to the excesses of the soviet way of life, a return to the forced adoration of Russia's Leader, a return to the worst aspects of the KGB and political control.
 I agree with today's Pravda Opinion, which outlines the reasons why Kerry should be elected as President.  Kerry knows the issues because he has made a life of researching these.  He recognizes the importance of world-wide Diplomacy and respect for national sovereignty, unlike Bush.  Kerry would have exhausted all other avenues for solutions, including the UN and EU in his decision making process, BEFORE he would ever have invaded Iraq.  Bush has presented Usama Bin Laden's al Qaeda with a Christmas present in alienating the entire Middle East. 

J Garceau

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov