The Legacy of Bush IV

Kofi Annan says Iraq war is illegal

Like a scolded schoolboy, George Bush has to sit and listen to the Secretary-General of the United Nations Organization telling the world that the war in Iraq was illegal and that it broke the UN Charter. And Bush has to swallow hard and keep his moth closed and his eyes on the floor. What a pitiful spectacle, what a disgrace!

If Bush was a man of character, he would resign and spend the rest of his days shoveling cow-dung off the paths around his millionaire ranch in Texas. Or perhaps showing up at Thanksgiving dinners serving turkeys, plastic ones, to the guests who paid a lot of money to have a good laugh, the same guests that Bush's legacy has saddled with a debt of two hundred thousand million dollars during his spree dropping cluster bombs on the kids in Iraq trying to find the Holy Grail (WMD).

However, Bush is not a Man and he has no character. He breaks international agreements and binding contracts because he receives messages from God (delirium tremens?) or from his scar-mouthed Vice President, Richard Cheney (better known as Dick), in this case telling him to launch the most savage act of butchery the world has seen in recent history in which tens of thousands of innocent people were killed or maimed.

Kofi Annan calls the war in Iraq a "painful lesson". Very painful for the boy who had his arms and legs blown off, his eyes blown out and his close and extended family blown away by a US pilot who decided that his apartment was a valid military target. Very painful for the kids standing around a burnt-out vehicle only last week, strafed by a helicopter. Very painful for the inmates at Abu Ghraib (Abu Garob, as Bush says) who were forced to suck each others' penises or commit sodomy. Good Christians, Rumsfeld's legions.

"From the Charter point of view, it was illegal", says Kofi Annan. How does George Bush respond to that? He does not, he cannot. He cannot put up, so he has to shut up, bite his lip and take it blushing, looking like a fool (not very difficult in his case).

To clarify the point, under international law, George Bush was bound to place a Resolution before the UN Security Council for a vote. Because Washington's traditional blackmail and bullying policy (which it calls diplomacy) had failed to produce the results (it is surprising how "favours" can sway a vote, particularly in Less Developed Countries), the Bush regime realised that it would not get the resolution passed and therefore took the decision to attack Iraq almost unilaterally.

Moreover, what was the reason he gave? Weapons of Mass Destruction, posing an immediate threat to the USA and its allies. Rumsfeld even pin-pointed where they were: "Baghdad and Tikrit and north, south, east and west of there". Colin Powell was more vague "They are being driven around the desert in vehicles". Now they say that the war in Iraq is about international terrorism.

It is not. It was not. It never has been. Saddam Hussein and Al Qaeda were at loggerheads because Saddam Hussein and bin Laden hated each other. Now let Bush lie his way out of that.

If the war in Iraq is illegal (and Kofi Annan does not speak lightly) then George W. Bush is a criminal. How can he even contemplate standing again as president?

George Bush is a third-rate leader playing a pitiful role on a second-rate stage of his own creation, booby-trapped by his first-rate limitations and incompetence. The legacy of George Bush is this sad, solitary figure, wholly out of his depth in the job he was forced into, possibly having a whale of a time in the process, but utterly incompetent, criminally negligent and totally incapable of fulfilling his role.

The legacy of Bush is a much more dangerous world, walking ominously and steadily towards World War Three. What he has done is totally unacceptable and it is the collective responsibility of the good people of the United States of America to use the democracy they have created and remove this evil regime before it is too late.

Voting for a criminal would create the notion that the people of the United States have decided to walk a unilateral and very dangerous path. Towards Hell, in legion with the Devil.

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov