Is there a "perfect" president?

In his recent letter Jeffrey Martin laments that "Bush was not elected to the post he now holds." Almost four years after those days of "hanging chad" and "disenfranchised African Americans" there are those who grumble and gripe about an election that HAD to be decided in the Supreme Court. Otherwise there would have been a constitutional crisis----and a Supreme Court decision anyway

The Democratic party is notorious for voter fraud. I read accounts of them getting illegal aliens to vote in California. I think the Republicans cheat, too. But they are not as good at it as the Democrats. I am sure that nobody "disenfranchised African Americans" for fear of being caught in the act. I certainly don't think Jeb Bush could have pulled off such a fraud without being caught.

Both Bush and Gore (and Kerry) are woefully lacking in the qualities that make a good president. Had Gore won, the Iraq War would have happened just the
same. The same treacherous advisors would have gotten to Gore and counseled war. The Iraq War is being fought for Israel, primarily. Big Oil runs a close second.
The "US' Darkest Hour" is not come yet, but it is on the near horizon. For we are stumbling into a new war that may drastically change our country----and the world. We have everything to lose and nothing to gain in such a war. The world does not need such a war now, nor in the future.

As for the United Nations monitoring US elections, I would volunteer to be in a posse to chase them out of my town. Let them monitor the Sudan where worse
crimes against humanity are occurring.

H.B. Carlisle

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov