The Legacy of Bush III

When civilians are as terrified of the US invasion forces as the "insurgents"

47 dead, 100 injured, another sunny day in Baghdad, the city which has never known so much violence in its 1,250-year history. That is, since George W. Bush decided to heed his messages from God, destabilize the region and destroy the country called Iraq.

George W. Bush is responsible for destroying the State of a country which supported a substantial proportion of its population with state-sponsored aid programmes, due to the aggressive sanctions programme imposed by the USA/UNO, programmes which indirectly led to the death of half a million Iraqi children.

In destroying the State of Iraq, George Bush has left himself, and his country, open to the obligation to support this country for the foreseeable future, despite the fact that after having insulted and derided the UNO (which until then had supported washington's programmes) he then attempted to go crawling cap in hand for an international dimension to the peace-keeping force.

200 billion USD have already been spent and not yet accounted for in the Carried Forward column of the US state budget. Whether it's Bush or Kerry next time around, someone has to pick up the bill and guess who?? The good old US taxpayer, the working man and woman. Who would ever imagine that the bill would be paid by the corporate elite of billionaires which surround Bush and his regime?

After a weekend of violence in Afghanistan (which Bush said he had subdued two and a half years ago, but where the Taleban still appear at will), two days after a massacre of Iraqi civilians around a Bradley armoured vehicle, in which a brave pilot of a US chopper opened up on a group of adults and kids, a day after the Green Zone was attacked for the first time in Baghdad, a car bomb leaves 47 people dead and more than 100 injured.

Did Baghdad experience this type of violence before Bush decided to send in his murderous invasion force, dropping cluster bombs on terrified families of civilians? Does Bush realize that his invasion force, more than one year on, is forced to negotiate with factions that it considers as terrorists to broker deals for it to withdraw?

Does Bush bother to tell this to his people? Dare he tell one per cent of the truth to his people, who his regime holds down and blinkered, while the rest of the world looks on to the beginning of World War Three, incredulous?

Doubtful. After all, he paints himself as the candidate who stands for international security. Security?? Where?? And when did this insecurity start?

The answer: with Bush. Let nobody forget this on November 2nd.

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov