Sudan, the next American military frontier?

Colin Powell, America's Secretary of State, had announced his boss, Bush, is growing quite dismayed with what is called genocide in the Sudan. 

In 2001, the US congress authorized a $10,000.000.00 gift to the Sudan rebels, now, those same rebels that we backed are being accused of genocide. 

In addition, contracts were awarded to DynCorp, a private company accused of mercenary involvement in other conflicts.

Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter, in December 1999, openly stated that “The US is committed to overthrowing the government in Khartoum. Any sort of peace effort is aborted, basically by policies of the United States...Instead of working for peace in Sudan, the US government has basically promoted a continuation of the war". 

Bush is screaming genocide and demands action against those US has assisted in causing the problems.  Is this a situation of causing turmoil and then jumping in to be the rescuer?  In psychiatric terms it is called Munchausen's syndrome. 

Or is Bush kowtowing to the people who put him into the presidency, namely, the Christian far right?  The groups want stronger protection for missionaries sent into Moslem areas to convert people to Christianity.  The lines between separation of church and state are being blurred and intermingled and could this possibly be seen as convert or die by the sword (military intervention) – as history repeats itself over and over again. 

Or should we consider there is oil in the Sudan? 

Is it possible that Bush is using the self created problems in the Sudan to win black voters here in the United States? 

The US sat back with apathetic disinterest while the former government of Iraq slaughtered their own.  We were silent when the Kurds and Iranian troops were gassed.  We said nothing when Idi Amin became a homicidal dictator. We have backed governments that systematically committed ethnic cleansing and other atrocities.  We steadfastly support Israel with its wall the cuts deep into Palestinian land and the illegal settlements by Israelis in Palestinian lands. With our own past of disinterest and noninterference, and policies that follow absolutely no logic, why now, why Sudan?

Michael Berglin

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov