The legacy of Bush I

Jingoistic, shallow and criminally reckless, George W. Bush is a threat to world peace

Using the horrific events of 9/11 as a springboard to launch a series of murderous attacks overseas, in countries which interest the energy lobby which surrounds Bush, the President of the USA has achieved nothing in terms of international security. In fact, he has made things many times worse.

Afghanistan, three years on, continues to be in chaos and still today, there are active Taleban forces attacking NATO patrols at will, disrupting the work of the UNO, which is trying to prepare for legislative elections on October 9th.

Holed up in Kabul and Kandahar, what have the NATO forces achieved? Nothing.
Afghanistan is back in the hands of the drugs barons, who are flooding Russia and Europe with cheap heroin. How convenient. Create havoc in our societies and then sit back and take the laurels. Divide and Rule.

Yesterday, a furious battle between US forces and Taleban/Al Qaeda fighters left 22 people dead in Zabul. Three years on, where are George Bush's promises to create a stable democracy in Afghanistan?

As is the case everywhere else, George Bush's policy in Afghanistan is an abject failure. He has got his country, and its allies, bogged down in the quagmire which was created by Bush senior, who unleashed the Mujaheddin on the democratic and progressive government of Dr. Najibullah. Like father, like son.

Likewise in Iraq, exactly what has George W. Bush achieved, apart from wholly destabilizing the country and the region, and bringing international terrorists into play? Removing the one stabilizing factor in Iraq which kept out Al Qaeda (due to the extreme animosity between Saddam Hussein and bin Laden), Bush has opened another front for international terror to strike.

And how. Basing a murderous campaign on lies, then lying again to change the original story (the argument Weapons of Mass Destruction suddenly turned into one of International Terror once it was seen that the WMD never existed), Bush now realizes that his invasion force is hated and sees it being attacked day in, day out, in various points around Iraq.

Yesterday it was Fallujah, again, today it was Baghdad and now even the hitherto-safe Green Zone has been attacked by Iraqi Resistance/freedom fighters.

Where next? Syria and Iran are in the plans of the Zionist faction which controls the Pentagon and keeps Rumsfeld chained to his seat. To every action, there is a reaction. George Bush does not know what he is doing, he does not understand what he is getting his country into and it is time he was stopped now, before this criminally reckless, shallow and fickle character unleashes World War Three.

It is very easy to stop Bush. It is a question of the thinking electorate of the USA using the vote to get this odious and dangerous regime out of office before it is too late.


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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov