SOS Mankind--Response

In response to Timothy's article of S.O.S:

I am an American and by that I mean that I am a citizen of the United States. I know that America is a term that is a word that should indicate both the Northern and Southern continents, but is has become an indication of only one country, The United States. This is as silly as calling Europe and Asia separate continents, which many people do.

I and many other Americans (United Statesians) object to the Bush agenda. The people of this country did not elect him in the first place. He, his brother, his
father and the Republican Party rigged the polls and stole the election. The Democratic Party sat on it's hands and did nothing. There was no fight for the
democratically elected Al Gore to be placed in the president's seat. Why? Because most people have been pulled into complacency by the News stations, Television stations and all major forms of news media, commerce and entertainment which are corporate run.

The have a profit agenda and care not for the people of this country. Bush and his kind help them make more money on the backs of the working American and all
workers of the world for that matter. In turn they (corporate media, etc.) support Bush and spread false and misleading propaganda.

Bush IS a War criminal,
Bush IS a War monger,
Bush IS a Terrorist,
Bush IS a Dictator,
Bush IS a Fascist,
Bush IS a Threat to World Peace,
Bush IS a Incompetent Moron,
Bush IS an Extremist,
and the world knows it.

I wonder if he and his cohorts will ever be held accountable for their Crimes Against Humanity.

Thank you.


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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov