Keith Robotham: Making sense of Beslan

Hello Timothy Bancroft-Hinchley,
Thank you for your article about 'making sense of Beslan' and especially your comments concerning the propensity of western reporters/commentators to attack the Russian Government and the security forces. I guess old habits die hard in the West. It doesn't, however, necessarily follow that we - the ordinary public - are taken in, hoodwinked, by such commentary. No sane, thinking person wh closely followed the events could possibly lay the blame at the feet of the security forces for this appalling event.

Rightly you comment that the terrorists are to blame and that no matter what cause they claim to represent, nothing in idealogy or religion can possibly justify this action of theirs at the Beslan school.

My sympathies and deepest sorrow are sent to the bereaved, injured and all those so affected by this obscenity against us all.

I am an elderly englishman living in Sweden

Keith Robotham

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova