Svetlana Mitrovic: Hatred of America

I’ve read a few articles of Mr. Charles Fargo and one by certain Mr. Jim McGaha, “Hatred of America”. Now, from Mr. Fargo’s writings one can certainly learn something, for he tells facts without malice and knows history of his native country. Unfortunately some people don’t, or are not prepared to face it. Which is understandable, for bias and bigotry are blatant in Mr. McGaha’s letter. As for mentioned odor... it’s often better for a man to stink literally than to leave his foul stench everywhere he sets his foot, especially all around the globe. It is also ignorant to say that America gives more money to more countries around the world than anyone else, for US of A are the most indebted country in the world.

And no, there is no justification for terrorist acts, whether they are done in the name of Allah or God, forced “liberation” of the people of some other country, or just plain retribution, although they can have catchy Hollywoodish names like “Desert Storm” or “Merciful Angel”, to mention just two.

I almost forgot... Yes, perhaps everyone is welcome to come to, and than leave USA if one doesn’t like it, but Mr. McGaha overlooks the fact that Native American Indians were there many hundreds of years before 1776. 

Svetlana Mitrovic

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova