Reply to accusations of anti-Americanism

To those two apologists of the US Empire and their misconception of the predatory US history for the past 50 years and long before (Fargo's Post), and their dismal knowledge of World History.
To criticize one's own country, when criticism is fully warranted, is not an act of Hate against the US people, but a Democratic duty to talk against the Washington's Imperialistic criminal policies, that have created the actual bloody reaction, called "TERRORISM".
When the actual alleged Terrorists were fighting the Soviet Union, they were called "Freedom Fighters", and Bin Laden was one of our most effective partner.

The French magazine, Paris Match, some years ago, had a Photo-Op and interview of Bin Laden, made while he was fighting the Soviet's in Afghanistan, armed by the CIA. This to prove my point.
Also, keep in mind, that since November 1947, when the Palestinian genocide began, under US sponsorship, and is still going on a daily basis, as reported on the back pages of our Free Media.

The US official position, is that the Fascist Sharon, a man of Peace (according to Bush), has the full support at our taxpayers expenses, to get rid of the Palestinians from their own lands.

I am sure that the 9/11 tragedy had something to do with the above policies, and nothing with the envy of our way of life.
Take any morning US paper and you will be sure to find some official Washington's meddling in some Foreign Countries' internal affaires, Cuba, Venezuela, Belarus, Russia, France, etc...


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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova