Georges: Russia has lost too much

To the Editors of Pravda,
I am very much saddened by how low Russia has come, in a little over ten years it has lost so much of its influence and its ability to control its sovereign territory. The world now more than ever needs a country that can provide the kind of stability that comes with a balance of power. The EU is helpless militarily and for the most part it is merely a debating economic club that is used as a tool for US hegemony when it suits the US. As an American I feel that if our current administration, and perhaps future administrations as well are not restrained by global entities then I am seriously afraid of what the coming world will bring. Russia needs to regain its stature and its confidence only then will the US fully respect Russia and the rest of the world. Currently the US has felt so confident that it has even stationed soldiers on countries bordering Russia, can you imagine what the political elite in the US would say if Russia stationed troops in Mexico? Let's hope that Russia will awaken from its slumber and once again work on a global scale to bring peace, stability and greater economic cohesion that is not dictated by a single American source but rather by multiple poles in Asia, Europe and the Americas.


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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova