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Are we going to allow Bush to be re-elected?

However incredible it may seem, the opinion polls inside the USA point towards the mass murderer, war criminal George W. Bush being re-elected for another four years. Were this the President of Mauritania or Mongolia, it would not matter so much. However, due to the foreign policy pursued by the regime of this incompetent maniac, the international community would do well to make the collective wish of mankind felt within the USA.

The type of statement bandied around increasingly since George W. Bush came
to power, that the rest of the world hates the Americans, that all Americans
are the same, that they have no regard for human life, is utter nonsense.

For a start, what is an American? Brazilians are Americans, Uruguayans are
Americans, Argentineans are Americans, as are Columbians, Ecuadorians, Venezuelans and so on and so forth and their governments do not behave like
that of the USA. Secondly, let us not blame the whole population of the United States for the mistakes of the elite which rules the country.

This elite, which dictates Washington's policy abroad and which has no idea
whatsoever as to how the average American lives, has the majority of the
population of this country in an arm-lock of its own making: vote for Bush,
otherwise the internal security of the USA is threatened.

Nonsense. Utter nonsense. Lies, more lies and yet more lies, Bush-style.

Bush, the liar, the war criminal and the mass murderer, presenting a package
of himself as the saviour of the nation.

It is the collective responsibility of the American people to think about what they are doing when they cast their votes on 2nd November. If Bush is re-elected, the people of the United States of America have a collective responsibility towards the international community which already made its position crystal clear. Vote for Bush, and you are voting for his policies, you are giving him your support.

You know how much this man is hated in the international community. Do you
really want to divorce your country from the heart and soul of world public opinion?

No to Bush, no to his evil regime. Otherwise, how come neither Bush nor the
members of his regime dare step off an aircraft outside the USA?

Voting for Bush is voting for war.
Voting for Bush is voting for confrontation.
Voting for Bush is voting against the collective will of the international
Voting for Bush is voting against job creation.
Voting for Bush is voting against the American worker.
Voting for Bush is voting for an escalation of hostility against the USA in
the international community.

A Vote for Bush is a vote for war.

It is not a vote for security, it is a vote in favour of violence and unprecedented military escalation. Vote for Bush, vote for war. World War Two was supposed to close all wars. Bush is the key to opening the Third.

This incompetent and criminally negligent clique of rich kids (the Bush regime) has seriously insulted the collective conscience of the vast majority of the citizens of the world. Let us live together in peace, let us not vote into government this insignificant bunch of war criminals, these murderers. Who wants to elect a government that drops cluster bombs on kids?

Who wants to elect a government whose lies have been exposed but which
refuses to admit them? A government which has never been entirely honest to
its people, a government which has committed the worst outrage in international politics in recent history?

Bush is dangerous, Bush is criminally reckless, Bush is a mass murderer, Bush is a war criminal, Bush is hated, the most hated man on Earth, since Hitler. and Bush drags the rest of the population that votes for him into the same quagmire that he (or Rumsfeld or Cheney) created.

Sure, he stands up for what he believes in, so does Tyson. Those who stand
up for a rapist or a murderer are no better than those who they support. The
international community will hold the people of the USA responsible for their actions on 2nd November. Obviously.

And Bush has the people of the United States of America convinced that the
sunshine shines out of his backside, just like Hitler.

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov