MASSACRE!! Bush stands for security?

The lies of this mass murderer start to leak through September 12th, 2004. 30 dead. A massacre. US Armed Forces. A helicopter opened fire on civilians after a Bradley vehicle belonging to the invasion force was taken out by Iraqi freedom fighters.

After the vehicle was taken out, dozens of Iraqis, including many teenagers and younger children. celebrated the victory against the hated invasion force commanded by President George W. Bush.

The response by the invasion force was typically cruel: strafing everyone and everything that moved around the vehicle, including a young boy and a Palestinian journalist.

This is the Freedom and Democracy preached by the draft-dodger Bush, the one who wishes to be voted President of the United States of America for the second time on November 2nd. The rest of the world stands in amazement as to how he could even possibly be considered for re-election.

The citizens of the USA have a collective responsibility towards their own country but also towards the international community. This is not "The Little House on the Prairie". It is serious and Bush is playing with fire. Bush is a liar, a murderer and a war criminal. Vote for him, and you vote for Armageddon.

Let us not walk towards World War Three. Please.

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov