Letter to those Americans who hate their own people

Why do some of you who write hate your country so much?
I've read some letters and articles from other people about America and have to wonder where they get their information.

If anyone diddn't know better, after reading the letters written here on Pravada.ru, they would believe that America is a bunch of arrogant, racist, warmongers. Words don't exist about how wrong that is.

First of all, about racism. Racism exists in all parts of the world, I mean, try to be a Christian in the Muslim world and you would know what true racism is, or try being Jewish in France and see how welcome you would be. Although there are some racists in America, they are a minute part of the population. The 1950's were a long time ago.

I will use myself as an example. I'm a white male of German ancestory. My ex-wife is a black woman which makes my son bi-racial. We've never had any problems anywhere. We've gone to resturants and bars in all white areas and never had any problems.

About arrogance, I would say that we are a proud people, but not arrogant. I would say that you can look to Western Europe and much of the third world to find arrogance. I mean, look at how much hard earned tax money taken from the American people to fund such things as the Marshall Plan of the 1940's, most food and medical aid to the third world, and many other humanitarian projects that the UN claims credit for that's paid for from money taken from my paycheck.

We help and feed people and they hate us. You call me and my friends arrogant? Then you are a fool.

Last, we are warmongers? Let's get this straight, terrorists don't hate us because of any foreign policy, they hate us because we aren't Muslim. That's all there is to it. That's why, not only America, but also Russia, India, China, Japan, those poor people in the Sudan, Spain, and everyone else has problems with Muslim terrorists.

It's not that we are warmongers. It's that we are at war. Islamic terrorism has been going on since the 1950's and it's not going to stop until the terrorists are all dead. They don't and won't listen to reason. It's easy for some rich liberal people here in America to criticize the war, but what would you do, surrender? It's people from families and neighborhoods like mine who are in the military. How many rich liberal types have any family serving? I'll tell you, not many.

I live in the real world as a working class American. I don't get driven around in limos like those Hollywood types and so-called intellectuals who can hate America and live off us like parasites.

Matthew C. Amann

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova