Blanca Gutierrez: I am going to vote for President bush

I am going to vote for President Bush.
I am a female in my 30’s with a great job, happy family life, loving husband and beautiful children.

My life I can say is complete.  I believe that there are many good people in this world and many bad.

I feel that the inter battles between the left and the right here are not good representations of what the people of the united states are all about.

See people like me; realize that I have a good life. I respect my family, others and help to support all of my family when needed.  I share my wealth.  I try to do the morally right thing on a daily basis.  I hate liars and cheaters and I too get angry when I hear people from other countries speak out very negatively about the U.S.

Let’s face the facts here Mr. Berglin.  People leave their beloved countries for a freer life.  People leave their beloved countries for new beginnings and hope.  People cross our borders illegally in droves because LIFE IS BETTER IN THE UNITED STATES. 

So Mr. Bergen you and others can say whatever you want about the U.S.

The fact is, I live in a beautiful country.

We have food and supplies here a plenty. Our hospitals are far better than most in other countries.

We take care of our people through government supported programs.

We have the freedoms here so many people in other countries wish they had. Unfortunately, some people here decide to take advantage of these freedoms and abuse them.

More and more people keep crossing our boarders illegally. I ask you why?
Frankly, all those people who are crossing illegally should stay out of our country.

I personally don’t want them here.

And the sad fact to me is that you Mr. Berglin should be MORE UPSET ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED IN CHECHNYA.

Instead you just sadly focus on the United States, our political system and the decisions of a few -to sadly generalize on all of us.

Blanca Gutierrez

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova