Ian: You write very true thoughts on America

Dear Mr Berglin, this is just an email to compliment your resent article called America's view of itself in the world.  How very true, the piece was honest and to the point, I always enjoy reading well written thoughts put to word.
I am writing to you from England, which due to the nature of the elitist beast, has nothing to shout about other than more of the same, so please don't think its a comparison to your country.  As a great American humorist, Bill Hicks once said, "Its a round world the last time I heard."
From my view of what is happening in America right now, taken from the internet, (who bothers with TV news or the daily propaganda print?)  It would seem that what happened in the early thirty's Germany is happening right now in the U.S A, how can the general populous not see that?  It is SO obvious.  Denial or what???
Another point, as you must know, America has thumbed the cock to the Kyoto treaty with regards to having any care about the planet what so ever, and now look what is happening in Florida and surrounding areas.  What goes around comes around, as they say, and I do see this is the tip of the iceberg, (and that's already melting at an accelerated rate, lol.)
I seriously believe that America right now is the result of a mass brainwashing experiment by rotten forces that has by and large worked.  To a lesser degree its the same for this country and the west in general.  It must be some Empire thing, who ever has the current "ball" is blinded by some kind of God complex = weapons = power = fear of others = kill others = God, etcetera.
Why people have to run with a mentally deranged, greedy, hate filled pack of politicians to feel good about themselves is a very sad indictment of human nature.  But anyway, well done for your article and always remember that there are a lot of people that do have a soul, a conscience, and are not taken in by mass hypnosis.
To those who don't like what you wrote, who cares, there are many levels of knowledge and if they don't understand, that's their problem.  The prime truth will always watch out for you, hey, you get my best wishes.  Thanks again,


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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova