Glenn E. Bell: World's right to choose the US President

Be very careful what you ask for.  The bile vented at the Untied States by Tim Bancroft is deception wrapped in hate coated with envy. 
The President had the constitutional authority to take this country to war with Iraq.  Above all the BS reasons given by Bush over WMDs and Terror ties, Saadam had made an attempt to murder a President of the United States.  That alone is a justification for any nation to go to war.  Limp penis Clinton's Tomahawk Cruise response to the attempt murder of a president is about what I'd expect of a true draft dodger. A half measure.
The Vietnam conflict wrapped with the Civil Rights movement are America's second Civil War.  They divided this country as much as the War Between the States.  Vietnam will not leave the American body politic until generation dies off.   Your remarks on Bush's military service is very rich considering Kerry's fake awards, the fact he could not get a Honorable Discharge from the Navy until 1991.  That could only mean a Discharge Review Board had to sit on his case and upgrade his discharge.  I presume that after his 3 Paris meetings with North Vietnam's military and civilian team members the United States Navy was a little upset.  Seeing how this according to our Constitution is an act of Treason, a Violation of the Uniformed Code of Military Justice, a violation of his military orders (AWOL) and totally consistent with his pre-active duty anti-Vietnam political activism. 
Your supposition "The American Voter" owes the world, at large, a change in our country's governance to better suit the sensibilities of the worlds political desires.                              With all due respect to the rest of the world and from one American Voter who never misses an election......SCREW OFF. 
Russia would not tolerate that kind of interference.  The French would eventually find their spine long enough to tell the world who and what their government policy was & is the sole providence of the citizens who vote in their elections.  No one and I mean no one has the right to tell another country who their leaders should be.  That includes my government.  Negotionations on mutually beneficial agreements are one thing but to say the US owes it to the world to change presidents....another arrogant European telling the hicks with no culture how they should run things. 
The writer does have his point sometimes in our (USA) rush to try something as in Somalia we can make things worse.  But that is one hell of allot better than the standard "OLD EUROPE" response we saw in the Balkans.  Western Europeans seem to look at a problem and see all the reasons why something can not or should not be done.  One of the best things the US could do for the world would be to fire the entire US State Department.  Those Pin Heads have screwed more nations and peoples than tax collectors.  George Washington once wrote that our new nation should deal fairly and honestly with all nations.  At the same time he warned about foreign entanglements.  I agree with both statements.  9-11 the US was declared war on by the Islamite.  Belsan was Russia's.  Between our two nations with the help of the other willing nations the Islamite can be smashed, their support bases found and destroyed.  I am fearful you will have review you policy with Iran.  Most of the crap is coming from there.   
Glenn E. Bell
Chandler, AZ USA

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova