Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova

Hurley B. Carlisle: What drives the US war policies

I would like to comment on Michael Berglin's article "What Drives the U.S. War Policies?" When World War 2 ended England's world empire was in shambles and disappeared totally in the post-war years. The U.S. has been pushed by the
Power Elite into that vacancy left by England.  Our government built long range bombers and submarines during the Cold War as well as aircraft carriers.  With these formidable weapons our leaders are able to project power to any place on the planet.  They have shown up many times to intimidate some local potentate whom U.S. leaders didn't like.   Somewhere back there the media began calling our president "The Leader of the Free World".  I wish I knew who thought that up.
I can see why that pompous title might impress a vain and shallow man.
Michael Berglin says there must have been more subtle ways to remove Saddam and sons.  Fidel Castro has maintained a Communist government 90 miles from the U.S. State of Florida for 45 years.  The U.S. has not managed to remove him subtly, nor un-subtly.  The supply lines would be much shorter  for
a power play against Cuba.  We could have saved billions on fuel alone. 
George W. Bush entered the office of president with two important plans.  He wanted to be re-elected and he wanted to remove Saddam Hussein from office.
He wanted to remove Saddam from power so he could be re-elected. 
The United States is the unpaid mercenary  and arsenal of Israel.  Every U.S. presidential candidate must make a ritual genuflection towards Israel, or his candidacy will founder.  U.S. Senators and Congressmen vie with each other to curry favor with the Israeli Lobby.  Saddam Hussein fired Scuds into Israel during the Gulf War.  He gave $25,000 to the families of Palestinian suicide bombers.  I read (at the start of  the Iraq war) in Haaretz, an Israeli newspaper, where Areil Sharon told two visiting U.S. congressmen that the U.S. should attack Iran and Syria after it finished Iraq. 
Michael Berglin says that the U.S. is like the last Rome of the world.  The Roman Empire, in its waning years, had some very poor leaders.  The U.S. has begun to look like the Roman Empire in that respect.
My pre-emptive response to those Americans who question my patriotism for criticising the U.S.A.  I proudly fought for my country in the trenches when I was young and it had noble causes to fight for.  I am an old man and I am saddened by what it has become.

Hurley B. Carlisle