Allen Cassidy: Russia’s poor

It’s a mistake for Russia to deny benefits to the poor and disabled.  These people are part of the fabric in society.  To stop helping them because of economic conditions is morally wrong.  But it’s also a mistake to follow along the path of Western/European industrialized nations.  These countries have developed an attitude of not helping their less fortunate even though they have the wealth to do so.  They are decadent in the way they view people’s lives.  They don’t care because everything is based on profit (capitalism) and not supporting the welfare of the MASSES.  In socialism the economic interests of the people come first, but in capitalism they are expendable commodities to be discarded when not profitable.

Whenever they state ignores the less fortunate then social decline will occur.  History has proven this.  Economics should not undermine the struggling peoples.  And it should not be used as a tool to alienate groups of people.  But unfortunately this is being done.  Just look at those societies that do so.  They are not only confused in their thinking about collective social unity, but they have corrupted themselves to the extent that life is utterly meaningless without the love for money and “things”.

Allen Cassidy

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova