Joel Foose: US policy on terrorism

As an American and former U.S. Marine, I am disgusted with the way that my country and the west is applying a double standard to terrorism that occurs against it and it's allies as opposed to the acts of terror that are occurring in such places as Israel and Russia.
The current U.S. administration is wrong in urging Russia to engage in discussions with the Chechnya terror group. The current U.S. administration is wrong in urging Israel to "negotiate" for peace.  Peace is won through victory and victory alone.

My heart goes out to President Putin as well as the people of the great country of Russia.  I support any use of force against these terrorists including nuclear weapons.  Does anyone doubt what ended WWII in the pacific theatre?  It sure wasn't discussions or gentlemen's chat around some tea and crumpets.  It's a sad day when the forces of evil cowardly tuck themselves away amongst innocent civilians.  Unfortunately the only way we will rid society of such scourge undoubtedly result in collateral damage.

One need not look any further than Iraq to see what happens to a country when they try to fight a "politically correct" war.  Our Marines and soldiers are dying every day.  It is very reminiscent of the Chinese torture method of death by a thousand cuts.  We let the likes of Muqtada Al Sadir and his henchmen hide in mosques while our jets and artillery bomb
the rest of the city.  This is not a solution.  This is nothing more than continually peeling the scab and expecting the wound to heal. 

Please don't back down on your commitment to fight terror.  Please don't let the U.S. or anyone else for that matter detour you from your mission. I support you.  Act fast.  Act swift.  Use much force.

Joel Foose
Cleveland, Ohio

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova