For Bush, it is pay back time

Bush is probably cursing the Freedom of Information Act right about now.
Lt. Col. Robert Mintz, 187th Air National Guard, stated that a young Lt by the name of Bush, was no where to be found in that unit.  But this is the unit that Bush said he reported to.   

According to The AP, the newly released documents show no record of Bush performing his duty in Alabama between April and October of 1972. And they show that he missed a crucial "24-hour active alert mission to safeguard against surprise attack" in the southern United States 

There is more developing, but this is starting to look very, very serious. 

For the people who do not know the inner workings of the military, one just does not simply ‘miss’ a flight physical – no matter if the aircraft you are qualified for is being discontinued or not.  Failure to comply with lawful orders is serious, whether one is in the guard or the active military.  

Critical mission alerts – even if they are just training is not something you casually dismiss out of hand or get excused from. Such training missions are part of the guard requirements because that is part of their over all mission. 

This is not appropriate behavior for an officer on the US military.  This is a disgrace to all of us who wore either the gold or silver on our epilates.   It is a disgrace to all of us who took our oath of office seriously.   

Lastly, it is a complete disgrace to all who have served and died for this country.  A disgrace on the very words: Duty, Honor, and Country.

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova