Ivan Nicola Guerra: I am anti-Islamic

Dear people at Pravda.ru, I want to response to Marlene Newesri' letter, when she talked again demonizationof Muslims.

When I was 14, I began studying the Italian Constitution at school. One of the first articles of the Constitution states that Italy is a "anti-fascist based republic". As you can see, in the constitution there is an evaluation about an entire ideology, and about all the peoples being involved in it.

Perhaps, in the past I was a member of a proud anti-fascist party, that fought (with politics, of course) againits the former fascist parties already present here.
There was no problem for me to declare myself an anti-fascist, and there is no problem if I say to feel enemy of all fascists in the world.

My anti-fascism is seen as one of opinions democracy permits.

Were all fascists bad? I don't think so: I think fascist medical doctors saved lives as any other doctors, and fascist fire nrigades saved people from fire as any other fire brigades in the world.


But my evaluation about the complex behaviour of fascism is BAD.  Even there were good fascist people too, I think nobody needs to be fascist in order to be good. So, the most relevant nature of fascism (violence, genocide, racism, and so on )is the one I reject. This logical process is called "inference" by philosophers: the most important factor is the one that is exclusive of what you are examinating. Shannon's theory about information can confirm it to you under the math point of view.

So, I can be an anti-fascist without shame. And not only. I am one of the people that want a "laic" state, that means I think (and i live in the same country of Vatican!) that priests should not put his tongue on state's affairs. So, I can say I'm "anti-clerical", as I am described here.

But, even Catholics are the opposite party, and they are powerful, nobody says I am doing something bad: both being antifascist or anti-clerical or anti-Communist or anti-everything is considered one of opinions democracy permits.

Different problem is if I say I'm anti-Islamic.

When I say that, a lot of intellectual-shaped people talk about me as if I was blaspheme.
They become almost hysterical.

So, the problem is: if I give a negative judgement about fascism, or Communism, or neoguelfism, or vegetarianism, or I disagree Star War's fans, it is accepted as a simple opinion. When I say "ehi, under the civic point of view Islam says a lot of barbarian principles", then I am condemned.
I'm placed in a ghetto of racists, as I were some kinda criminal.


I think Islam, read as a philosophy, says a lot of bad things. A lot of BARBARIC things. It seems to me Islam is similar to the Dark Age's catholic church. I give it a negative value, as is for fascism, as if for Communism, as is for Sushi, as is for whatever I freely decide is averagely "bad".

I don't want a free opinion be jailed because of ideological barriers. I don't want it to become socially forbidden to think Islam is an arcaic way to think, somethink write by some sheepmonger one having allucinations on his desert.

When I read the Quran and when I read Platon i feel as a little mouse and an elephant. Quran is obsolete, dark-eveish, xenophobe, violence instigating, as like as Mein Kampf.
Sure, there are a lot of parts that seems to preach love and peace. This simply means Quran is skizophrenic too, period.

If you trust peace, you don't mix your words with that bloody words. Why i can't read the same things reading Platon? Another age? Or simply another brain at all?

But this is not a problem of matter. This is a problem that
anti-islamism is a position that is perfectly lecit, perfectly free. There is no any reason to condamn one only due he is anti-islamic. Being anti-islamic means only to give a global judice about a phenomena. I can have my judice about fascism, about communism, about inquisition, about islam.

You can say Quran says a lot of good things. This is not my problem.
Carl Marx and Lenin said a lot of beautiful things in their books. Problem is that books are only books, facts are facts.
Inquisition was based on the Christ's words.
Words that are beautiful. But...but inquisition was bad. The witchunt was bad. Crusades were bad.

Books aren't matter, what is matter is : reality.

Anyway, I am anti-Islamic and anti-muslim. I am proud to be, as I am proud to be antifascist , and so on.
You can try to put me in some ghetto, as leftish people do in the past with people they don't liked.
You can scream againist me, and scream and scream again, and scream in mass, until i shut off or my voice is surpassed by your choir.

But, if I'm right and islam is what I think, who are in danger are YOU because you're a woman.
And when someone will try to put a headscarf on you, keep in mind I could be just a little angry to help you.

If it happens, please ask help someone else: I will reply "this is YOUR problem, the problem you wanted to have".

Good Luck with your new brand muslim friends, and enjoy.

Ivan Nikola Guerra

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova