George Persone: America's views on itself

Is it how America looks at itself, or is it really how America's leadership looks at America itself?! 
For instance the way President Bush looks at America is partly the process of his ancestral heritage. President Bush can say he has a member of his family who came over on the Mayflower, which was a boat of Englishmen , who left England to set up a new life in America, back in the early 1600's -escaping religious persecution.
President Bushes' family is intrinsically linked into the birth of a nation, which is the United States of America...all the liberal ideas of freedom, which the conservatives of today patently use to protect the lifestyle they've worked hard for or which has been inherited from the accomplishments of the past...
The creation of the United States was symbolically the second greatest act in the world since the Birth of Christ, as far as the Founding Fathers were the conquest of Christianity over the Roman Empire, the creation of the United States was the birth of freedom for all mankind, however imperfect, and was to be a beacon of light and truth for all nations of the world...whose citizens would immigrate to the USA to find freedom and prosperity...thus, the USA and Roman Catholicism are similar in  that they are both institutions which has been driven by the unbroken chain of the continuity of their founding fathers wisdom and vision...thus, for all practical purposes the United States is a supernatural occurrence whose justice is inspired by high heaven, in the striving for high ideals , not necessarily their accomplishment, as they, too, have human failing built into their system.
What the world needs to view of itself is based on the truth...not the relative truth...that the truth is all men want freedom, dignity, and respect...which the United States strives for, however  imperfectly they may have done so in the past...
That in a great historical irony,a man by the name of Abraham would be born in this nation, who would become a great patriarch, statesmen, and President of the USA - who would keep the nation whole, and send tens of thousands of Northern white men to their deaths, to make sure the great nation conceived in liberty would not perish from the face the Earth, and that all men would some day be equal by freeing the blacks in all the war zones, which the North controlled during the American Civil War...a man whose country background was similar to the shepherd nomad who gained God's undivided attention many thousands of years ago...and whose spirituality stood along the watchtower of mankind's elevation as a spiritual race, as three angels came riding in to meet the mortal in his desert the Father of Nations emerged from the wilds to become a Father of humanity and all nations, keeping our spirit whole...
America's view of itself is that of a leader for freedom in the world...and all nations of the world are judged by that central concept by our leadership...and if a nation infringes on those rights of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness, their countries are going against the grain of America's political conception in the world scene from which it broke away from England several centuries ago...if it's in our power, we'll bring freedom to the oppressed, otherwise, we'll exercise influence and control when trying to make America's freedom the mandate for humanity's existence...for one thing is absolutely certain, if any country of the world can keep up with America's freedoms, then that country can definitely say, "they are good."
George Person
Phoenix, Arizona

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova