John J. Xenakis: What drives US was policy

Dear Mr. Berglin,
Your article is so full of obvious errors that a high school student would flunk if he turned it in.  I'll cite but a few:"When was the last moral American military involvement - 1812 when Britain launched an attack on this soil is the closest I can come."

Actually, America declared war on England, because England had imposed an economic blockade on Europe in order to starve Napoleon - who was engaged in war with Germany and other European countries.  As for "moral wars," have you ever heard of Pearl Harbor?

"Counting backwards we find that America has been militarily
 involved on this planet three times more than Germany, a perceived aggressive country, has in the last 1500 hundred years."

Well, there's WW II, WW I, Balkan Wars, the 1860s wars
(Austro-Prussian war, Franco-Prussian war - killed tens of thousands of French), Crimean War, Napoleonic War, War of the Spanish Succession, Thirty Years War, numerous German religious wars, etc. etc. etc.  Have you ever heard of the Habsburgs?  Have you ever heard of the Holy Roman Empire?  (Hint: It wasn't holy, it wasn't Roman, and it wasn't an empire.)

"And of a George Washington, shivering somewhere in Delaware, praying for strength to defeat the British invader that had come     to crush a young nation so dedicated to peace."

What British invader? George Washington himself was British, as were all the colonists.  And America was never a nation "so dedicated to peace."  The first Americans understood what war was and wasn't, and why it was sometimes necessary.

"The Civil War was a war on which money was made - it never really was about slavery,..."

Is your article some sort of spoof?  Maybe this article was supposed to go to The Onion.  The Civil War was financially devastating to both the North and the South.  The South started the war, because they feared servile insurrections encouraged by Northern abolitionists like John Brown.

You don't know even the basic facts about history.  If history were math, you couldn't add 2+2.  Don't you have any shame?  To see you representing America in a foreign news source is an embarassment to all Americans of either party.

Meanwhile, the most dangerous region on earth is the Caucasus, a historic battleground between the Orthodox Christian and Muslim civilizations.  Do you even understand what that means?  I doubt it.


John J. Xenakis

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova