John Grinols: Russia - Chechnya, American neutrality is a must

Seldom have I heard such an absurd and assine "international intrusion" by the United States State Deparment, under the recent circumstances of seeking to contact Chechnya Separtists behind the Russian President's back where the world can NOT disagree to this President's ANGER and declaration of WAR. The world has recognized that Russia afforded many new nations their re-creation under goverments of their choice. The Russian Motherland - if one recall's Stalin's remarks, "Don't forget where the lines are drawn!" recalls Russian ideology on the "indivisibility" of that specific nation and its borders. America should review its own ideology of a nation "indivisible" and think of some "separtists" wanting "Oklahoma". This is the absurdity of U.S.A. intrusion into the internal affairs of Russia. The assine portion of these actions, if this "ideology" represents the U.S. Republican Administration is that:

The mentality of the Russian Federation is "WAR" and if necessary - by reviewing Russia "past military ideologies" is that if Peace and Secure Sovereignty of Mother Russia means moving the entire Chechen population out of the area of the Russian Motherland, don't be surprised. Nor, be surprised if a Chechen city doesn't recieve a small nuclear reminder of the sovereignty of that nation called Russia. I am only saying this as a "writer" of my thoughts as a common man. 

Maybe the State Department may have provided "counsel" to the population of Chechen to prepare themselves to be forcibly relocated very soon? It is my opinion, when some many children are taken with their lives destroyed with arrogance indeed, such cruelty. There are times, when individuals based upon the facts of a matter - remain NEUTRAL. It is my political opinion being released, that this is one time, President Bush should suggest government representatives - remain silent - and pack their belongings to leave the area, until the Russian Federation resolves their "internal" military problems. The Great Big Bear has just been woken, from hibernation. This is the most dangerous of times, and some people better be aware of this and walk softly before "intruding" under the circumstances as President Putin has explained to the world about allowing these people believe they are going to be the rulers over Mother Russian "indivisible" Federation, where thos! e lines were drawn in Czarist times. The bottom assine line is - it doesn't take a moron to figure out that Russia isn't interested in "talking" about this issue anymore with anyone or nation!!!  Any or part of this political opinion is authorized for media distribution under my professional name of GrinOlsson.

John Grinols
Costa Rica

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova