Norman Kaminsky: Islamic terrorists

This email is in response to your request for input on your reporting of these horrific events.
I feel that your coverage, in general, is far superior to that of that of the U.S. media. However, I do feel that something is lacking in every report that I have read form any source. Perhaps my comments may seem too bloodthirsty to many people, but I believe the only answer to these despicable attacks upon  the innocent must be to make them far too expensive to those who invoke them!

The Islamic Terrorist leadership will continue to send their suicidal murderers against women and children as long they believe that this will benefit the cause of Islam. So far, nothing has been done to discourage this belief.

The only way to stop these monsters is to have their own people stop them. Up until now they have been given no reason to do so. We must give them a compelling reason to restrain (or destroy) the monsters among them! The most obvious way to accomplish this is to employ missions of massive retaliation against the families and communities that have produced them.
Very few objected to the (justifiable) destruction of German and Japanese cities in WWII, and it would seem even more justifiable now; considering the monstrous, inhuman nature of our enemy.

I am sure that many will consider this letter unprintable (especially in the 'politically correct'  atmosphere in the U.S.), but how long can we be expected to tolerate the intolerable?

Norman Kaminsky
Atlanta, GA


God bless  Presidents Bush and Putin, and give them the strength to destroy the enemies that menace our civilization.

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova