Our heartache for Russians - Readers' letters on Beslan tragedy

The murder of children in Beslan
To the Editor:
Our family extends our sympathies to all the families in the Russian Federation affected by the horrific affront to civilization that has occured.  Twice within 100 years the citizens of Russia and the citizens of the United States find themselves on the
same side of conflict. It is our time to weep with you and for us to put our arms around each other sobbing over these irreplacable losses.
As for those who would be our enemies, they only have history to view in order to know the outcome of the battles we have shared during the years our great friendship.  Together, we overcame hatred of determined enemies and suspicions of each other to become the best of friends. 
We know our comforts cannot replace the kiss of a child's lips.  You can know that our thoughts and prayers are with you and that we would share our table filled with bread, wine, love and friendship if only we lived closer to each other.
In the back of our minds we know our great countries are planning to return horror for horror.  We wish there were another way.  There is none.  Once again we must become warriors for peace and freedom.
On our street live simple, peaceful people. Our neighbors who live on this street in the Black Hills of South Dakota would also want to join in expressing the sentiments of this letter if they knew it was being written. 

Barry G. Wick
Rapid City, South Dakota

Sympathy from the UK

Just a simple letter from an ordinary UK citizen, wishing to let the people of Russia and especially the people of Beslan, know that their agony is felt and shared throughout the world. Our thoughts and tears are with you.
Michael Geraghty 

I feel really sorry for the people in the Caucasus and Russia

To the People of the Caucasus region and the President of Russia.

I just want to say that I really feel sorry for all the people in Caucasus and Russia for what has happen in Caucasus.
It must be the mankind most devilish black brains that can find out to do what has happen now in the school in Caucasus, and earlier in the USA some years ago.
I really hope Russia and other countries in our world will be able to catch the demons that are responsible for this terror and let them stand trial for there actions!

Zeth Larsson

Dear Beslan

What warped, diabolical mind can conceive of such evil as to take hostage and murder children? It is still hard for me to fathom that another human being can plot and destroy young lives in the name of politics. My heart breaks at what I can only imagine the families and loved ones are having to endure. No greater pain or sadness can be felt then to lose a child, much less the massacre of many. Those that died and were injured simply cannot and will not be forgotten. This world cannot afford to forget the atrocities meted out when hundreds of innocents were held hostage and slaughtered!  This unspeakable evil happened in Breslan, but it wounded the heart of the world. Please know that you will not be forgotten, dear Breslan.
With tears and love for you in this your greatest time of sorrow,

June Rabalais - Cottonport, Louisiana


Sometimes it is hard to tell the difference between terrorists and freedom fighters. Freedom fighters don't kidnap, assault, or kill children.

Chuck Mann, Greensboro, NC

Condolences to Beslan school victims

Dear Miss Novikova:

I want to express my deepest sorrow and sincere condolences to the families of the Beslan tragedy victims.

Mark Huang
Washington, D.C.

My prayers for the children and families in Beslan

I have been praying for the children and their families since the news was first reported about the hostages.  I watched with horror as things unfolded on CNN.

I am glad the people have been rescued but my heart aches that so many died.
I want the families, especially the children to know that many people all over the world are praying for them.  The minister of our church included them in the prayers at morning worship yesterday.

I have a 6 year old daughter who includes them in her prayers at night and wants to send them pictures to cheer them up.  Amazing how children think a crayon drawing can make things better.

Please tell the families who lost loved ones that they will always be in our prayers.  I know the pain of loss - it never goes away - it just becomes manageable.

Please follow up with victims of this horrible crime to let us know how the children and the families are doing.  We are so very concerned about the trama they have been through and the lasting effects it will have on them.

If there is anything we can do please let us know.

Terri Krause


Dear Sirs,
My name is Denise and I live in the United States..I give my upmost and sincere regret to hear about the tragedy in Beslan..My heart goes to those families who has experienced a loss of a loved one..I wish there was something I could do to ease the pain and suffering of those families..I have never been to Russia but, we are all of this world and we have the same feelings..
I am hard working citizen with children of my own..I cannot imagine the agony and despair..
Please, except my deepest sympathy to the Russian people..I will be praying for those families.
Denise McCrorey

True cowards

You are not alone in this world of cowards that kill women and children to put their Islamic laws before us. As an American I fell that we can defeat the Islamic fascism, our kids’ future is at risk we need to unite to fight for the right of our children. The future is important for you and us. My condolences from my family and myself to those who lost their loved ones from the hands of cowards. To the one that gave the order to go in, you had no choice. The one that is guilty of this is the one that planned this killing of kids to show the world that they can do anything they want in the name of Islam. Now is the time to fight not talk ,lets end the lives that wish yours and Our Children harm. Let your people know that they are not alone, we can work together to end this. Let your government know that there are some Americans that saw what happened to your Children. Bless them All.

Rusty J Hanes


To Those that Mourn

     I am so saddened by your grievous losses in
Beslan. Never could there possibly be an excuse for
such barbarity. 9/11 was a shock to us in America. The
killing of innocents is a horror to all of the
civilized world. What has happened to those children
though seems worse than what we had to endure. Myself
and many Americans have cried for you.
     It has become time that all the world take a hard
and difficult look at what has happened to you. This
terrible event was not carried out only by a group
seeking freedom in Checknya, but by terrorists and
cold blooded heartless murderers of the Wahhabi sects.
It needs to be faced that all freedom seeking peoples
have a common enemy that is willing to resort to any
foul deed to promote their agenda.
     It is my hope that the Russian People understand
that the average American is not served nor
represented by our pitiful main stream media. The New
York Times and so many other publishers refer to these
wanton savages as militants or use some other
innocuous term. When we read such things we replace
those words in our minds with appropriate ones such as
criminals, murderers or worse.(I tend to use curse
words myself) ABC News, CBS News, NBC News and others
are fast being exposed as the false, tidy, politically
correct useless information sources that they have
become in the last few years.
     I believe the most fitting memorial to this
terrible event would be a change of heart between our
two countries. It has been too long that we have faced
each other nose to nose instead how it rightly should
be. Your country and mine should be standing together
shoulder to shoulder. It is my prayer that this will
be so.
     I would have wished that we would have found
grounds sooner to be much closer friends. Having a
common enemy is not the best reason to join hands. If
we look deep inside ourselves there are many things we
have in common. It would be so great if we looked
deep, each and everyone and find these things.
     When we see your faces in the pictures and videos
we come closer to you in that we know and share that
pain. I am but a small man in the middle of American,
yet I know as I speak for millions and millions of
Americans are feeling the same thing. We feel the same
sorrow and the same righteous rage.
     No words will comfort the mourning. There shall
be no healing for this type of wound. The line shall
soon be drawn in the sand. May God help all of us to
face this enemy. Please do not only persevere but
steel yourselves and know that you are not in this

With Great Love and Respect,
Michael Blankenship
Sidney, Nebraska

Beslan tragedy

Dear Russian People,

     Nobody in the whole world can look upon the slaughter of the boys, girls, women and men in Beslan as anything other than a willful massacre, butchery and the truest definition of evil itself.

      My mother is 92-years-old; and I have brothers, a sister,  a wife, a son, a daughter, four grandsons and one married granddaughter. Our hearts have also been cut deeply around the world to see Beslan families lose their lives and their very own future.

      The families of Beslan and all of Russia are in grief now; and it is with the kindest love and tenderness that I write these words to tell you of my grief and empathy. I believe in prayer to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit: our Holy Trinity. And during this time of sorrow, I will be praying the "Svyetye Tikhii" (O Gladsome Light by Saint Vasilly in the 3rd century) for all the families of Beslan.

      Many of us in Americans stand shoulder to shoulder with the Russian people.

       From my heart,
       Robert J. Kord
       State-of-Maine, U.S.A.

To all my Russian brothers and sisters

The deaths of those innocent children and adults of the Beslan tragedy have brought me great sorrow. I have not felt this much sorrow and anger since 9/11. Please know that there are many of us here in the U.S who suffer with you. I can only hope that the bastards who did this will be quickly brought to justice and that solutions to the roots of their attacks are discovered quickly.
Steve Del
Santa Barbara, California


Dear Editors:
It is with extreme incredulity that I read articles in the Western media that continue to refer to these scum-of-the-earth who slaughtered the children of Beslan as "Rebels" or "Separatists."  What more does a group have to do to earn the "terrorist" label?  We will do our best to have the Western media put the scum plaguing your territories in the same category as the scum we are currently waging was against. 
Until that day, when I want an objective analysis of the events in Russia, I will turn to you. 
Garen Meguerian
Wayne, Pennsylvania. 


Dear sir/s,
First, my profound condolences to all the people of Beslan, and my sympathies to the Russian peoples.
Their is no lack of bravery amongst Russians, Chernobyl, Beslan and others testify to the courage of decent people...
But I am surprised that there seems to be a lack of organization.
In Beslan, no enforced cordon, no central office for relatives to attend daily, no anti-terrorist group to target and identify all hostage takers.
No "plan" if things went wrong.

Relatives were allowed to wander inside the zone of conflict, and thus make targeting difficult for Russian soldiers.
There did not appear to be an effective command structure.
Various units were in action, giving rise to various commands, and with a variety of uniforms, the confusion was to the terrorists benefit.
There did not appear to be up to date headset communication devices, or skilled psychological negotiators, trained in delaying the terrorists until effective counter action could take place.
A fleet of ambulances should have been standing by day one, together with anti-shock foil blankets for the victims.
Consider the Iranian embassy siege in London. Fiber optic cameras inserted covertly to monitor both the mental and armament capacity of the terrorists...to identify both their numbers and positions...also to note the condition and position of the hostages.
Infra red and see through wall radar was deployed, all troopers were linked by their communication headsets to central command, on day one the sas were called, skilled in anti terrorist actions, they planned and acted at a time of their choosing.
On day one a cordon was implemented.
A national helpline for relatives to call for news and support was set up.
Negotiators delayed the terrorists with psycho-babble.......
Please understand I am not criticizing the bravery of  Russian forces, their bravery is without doubt, but Russia needs its own anti-terrorist group, ready to implement action at a moments notice, it has the covert technology so useful in defeating these monsters, and above all it needs a centralized command structure, where everyone knows just what to do.
Russia also needs its own effective counter terrorist group, which differs from the above, in that it is pro-active, and not reactive.
Yes, the spetsnaz are courageous men, but it is time Russia implemented 1/ an anti terrorist department
                         2/a counter terrorist department
                         3/an anti terrorist special forces brigade.
                           (with the equipment it needs)
                         4/a command structure for the above
                         5/co-ordinated fire/ambulance training with the above.
I hope that we will never again see the heinous crime we witnessed in Beslan, but I  fear that until a strategy similar to the above is adopted, we may ...
With my greatest respect to all in Beslan, and Russia.


America suffers with you

As you point out, the Koran itself is filled with hate: "Quran  Surah 4: Women  8. Have no unbelieving friends. Kill the unbelievers wherever you find them." The radical's goals are to convert every man, woman and child across the world to Islam. And the so-called intellectuals that criticize Russia are the same treasonist bunch that criticize America. They would willingly give up all of their freedoms. I for one, would like to express that America suffers with Russia during this horrible ordeal.
Lyn Niemann

Ignore the criticism, stand firm

Regarding : "Foreign radio and TV stations are full of western experts saying how terrible the operation was managed.."
One has to realize that many western outlets are full of liberal journalists who, unfortunately, are happy to criticize anything except the radical Islamist terrorists. Our hearts go out to Russians

Lyn Niemann 


I am heart broken for the people of Beslan, especially the children who have suffered so much. Please tell me and our church how we can help in this most difficult time. Our hearts and prayers are with you.
David Hall


Our heartache is great for our Russian neighbors.  The people of Beslan have been in our prayers during the terrible events that have happened there.  We grieve for your losses.  God bless you.

Linda Oakley
West Liberty, Kentucky, USA

The horror at Beslan

The monstrous plans and deeds of the terrorists who attacked the school at Beslan are difficult to discuss - how can any human being plan to kill children? But some people did just that -- they planned ahead of time and hid their explosives and waited for the day when many children and their parents would come to the school. Most of the people who took part in this unpardonable deed are dead -- but the people who thought of the plan are alive. These people are to blame. Not the Russian troops who fired their guns at the terrorists, not the politicians. The people who must be brought to justice are the people who told this group of terrorists to target a school, to target children, to set explosive devices in the school, to aim their guns at children, teachers, and parents -- and to be ready to shoot them.
There are improvements that can and must be made in security to prevent others from doing this again. There are people in posts of power who may have not done the right thing, or not done it soon enough -- but the BLAME must be placed on the monsters who planned to do this evil deed, and the people who followed their orders. Once this plan was set into motion, no police force or army could stop these monsters from hurting the children -- people who decided that they were willing to kill children WOULD kill children no matter what the police / army would try to do.
The surviving terrorist says the plan was to "start a war". I don't know if that is true, but all of us who hate terrorist tactics must stand together and not let the terrorists win by dividing us. The good people of Beslan must stand together with all the good people of Russia, and all of the good people in the rest of the world -- and work together to stop the terrorists from killing again. Don't let them win by fighting among ourselves -- we need to spend every ounce of strength and minute of time to find the leaders who do the planning and stop them from killing again.
I am so sorry for your losses. People of Beslan, you are in the hearts and thoughts of millions of people around the world.
C. J. Swartz, Arizona, USA

Greetings from Columbus, Ohio

My wife and I are deeply saddened by the recent events in Beslan. All Americans want you to know that we express our deepest sympathy for the losses suffered by your countrymen in these cowardly acts against women and children, and that our church-members have mentioned your losses in our
group prayers.

Best wishes,

Brandon Elliott
Columbus, Ohio

Beslan tragedy

We are American citizens and want to communicate to your readers how sorry we are to hear of the attack in Beslan.
We do not have a method  to communicate with your readers and hope that you give our message to them, especially to the citizens and parents of Beslan.
We grieve with you and hope for your strength and willpower to continue.
The Bounacos Family, Manassas, Virginia USA


I, along with all Americans share your grief.  I am keeping all 
Russians  and all of Russia in my prayers.
Our countries are both facing tough times not seen since Hitler.  We have always mourned and respected
your losses, both in WWII and in the current conflicts.  We are outraged and saddened at your current crises.   Americans are your friends.   Hopefully, our governments can work together to rid the world of these ruthless killers.  God Bess Russia  and her fine people.
Gerald Ashbrook
Rockport, Texas, USA

The Beslan horror

Dear Sir,
I mourn with the people of Russia and especially the people of Beslan for the senseless killing of their children and families.No words,No actions,No feelings can reduce the pain that the people of Beslan are enduring now but I need closure.As merely a viewer watching in the comfort of my bedroom,the images of the suffering of Beslan fills me with an intense pain and agony.And now I need closure.In writing this letter to the people of Beslan ,hopefully I will find closure.But how will the people of Beslan ever find closure-The images of their loved ones desperate for food,clinging on to each other for hope and praying to their god.The images of them being mercilessly taunted,made to drink their own urine,and then bombed and shot indiscriminately,will forever haunt the living in Beslan.The people of Beslan will find closure in one way-If the people of the world stand up as one and grieve with the people of Beslan and dedicate themselves in spirit and deed to fight this common enemy,an enemy who knows not compassion or love.Nor care for humanity.The barbaric struggles in their heads lead them to barbaric actions against innocent children,taking away loved ones from their families,depriving a generation of support and love in old age.Let Beslan be a turning point in human history.Let us make sure that we do not allow the sacrifice of Beslans spirit be in vain.Let us all take a pledge never to condone,never to accept,never to bow to the horror perpetrated by inhuman barbarians,wherever they are in the world.By doing that the enemy will in time be confronted by the collective will of humanity which in my belief will be much stronger than the will of  evil.Then,up in heaven,the children of Beslan can smile again.Rejoicing since they know that theirs were not mere mortal deaths but sacrifices made for the good of humanity.And then their families will find closure.
The people of the world owe much to the people of Beslan.It is time to pay back.By standing as one and dedicating ourselves to fight against the common enemy.By successfully defeating this monster,thereby giving closure to the people of Beslan.And by allowing the souls of children killed in Beslan to rejoice in Heaven.

Santos Menon

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