We are crying too – Readers’ letters on Beslan tragedy

You are in our hearts and prayers
Dear Russian People,
We are so sorry for your tragedy. Only devils, and cowards would kill innocent people. We love you!

Dallas, Texas


As a father of four I sent my heart out to the people of Russia. Every time I hear more news on the Death toll of the innocent my eyes swell with tears for all who have suffered loss from this barbaric act. My god be with all who suffer from this act of terror, and may god bless the people of Russia.
Dave Igleheart
United States Citizen

Beslan, your comments

Dear Sir,
your comments are just and right The only journalism I've read about this with guts and decision. My wife and I watched this despicable act of terror unfold and come to its bloody conclusion, whilst we held our 13 month old son. Its difficult not to weep and clutch him a little tighter. However, I think your use of the word pig is unfair, for pigs, as you note. These people are scum or filth. In fact I don't have the words to describe them without relaxing into Anglo-Saxon four lettered profanity.
I wish you well,
Paul & Lisa Cutting
Western Australia


Dear Sir,

Whatever my fellow countryman says about the reporting of the seige in Beslan and press bias, I can assure you I watched the drama unfold in floods of tears and everyone I know is disgusted, horrified and appalled.  One of the news readers was clearly fighting back his tears on Friday and a different one was also struggling with his emotions at the funerals today.

There has been very little about Chechnya from the Russian perspective.  What I found out about the Chechen rebel attacks over the border, I found myself on the internet.  Certainly there does seem to be a lot of bias, but in a way it is up to Russia to set the record straight.  Russians should tell their own stories to the world about what prompted the Russian/Chechen wars, I struggled to find anything.

The major problem now, is that conspiracy theories abound.  I remember reading a story about al Qa'eda planning to take schools in the US hostage 18 months or so ago, but I can't find the link today.  Now people (Muslims) in Britain are already suggesting that the Russian government themselves are behind this....which makes a change from the Americans or the Israelis.

The only way forward, is for those affected by terrorism to support one another.  We don't always have to agree....Iraq is an example....but that doesn't mean we can't watch one anothers backs and cooperate.

In the US and UK, one of the greatest problems we have is the constant undermining of our governments from within from people critical of their tactics.  I hope this doesn't happen to Russia.


Linda Freedman


Dear Pravda team,

 "A voice from Beslan is heard,
Lamentation and bitter weeping:
Mother Russia crying for her children
And refusing to be comforted,
Because they are not."

(Adapted from: Matthew 2:18 / Jeremiah 31:15).

Here in Wales your unspeakable tragedy reminds us of
the little mining village of Aberfan where, in October
1966,  144 people, including116 children, were killed
when a man-made mountain of coal slurry avalanched on
to the primary school.

We still remember the wave of sympathy and support
from all over the world, including your own great

We realise that though the USA may be the head of
Europe, Russia is its heart.

We realise too that what has happened in Beslan is the
worst and most obscene atrocity in Europe since 1945.

Gorbachev's dream of "a common house of Europe" is in
ruins as our continent once again becomes the "old
sow that eats her farrow" (Joyce: Ulysses15.4582-3).

Among the very few Russian words I know is the
beautiful 'babuschka', familiar to us from the
Christmas legend. All hearts go out to every mother,
father, sister, brother and babuschka who is crying in
Beslan today.

O Russia, Mother Russia, when you weep, we weep.


Patrick Tobin,

My family prays for the victims of the terror attack

My family is deeply saddened by the pain and suffering endured by the children, parents, and teachers at your school in Russia.  We pray for them and wish those who lost loved ones comfort and the ones who are injured, a speedy recovery.  


Beslan tragedy

I am unbelievably angry and heart sick over the tragedy in Belsan.  How dare terrorists attack innocent children, parents and grandparents?  Our planet is very small and we are all in this together.  We must all align ourselves against a few cruel, sick people who would resort to these tactics.  I think the war in Iraq has made the world situation worse and hope that our November election will see a change in our policy and a new world wide front against terror.
Our hearts and prayers go with all of you during this terrible time.
Judith Pfeifer
Farmington, NM


My family's thoughts and prayers are with the Russian people. From what I have seen and heard on international news, I do not see the blame for the tragedy to be the Russian Government, it is all on the terrorists. The terrorists knew that there could be no way that the Russian Government would cave in to their demands. I do hope that this tragedy wakes up my government [USA] to realize that the Chechyn terrorists are criminals and the Russian Government has the right to deal with them as such. May God bless the Russian people and the American people.

R P Myers

We are crying too

Dear Russia:
I don't know exactly where best to send this but I had to find a way to make my feelings known about the unspeakable tragedy that has taken place in Beslan.
I am a mother of a six and a half-year-old daughter. I look at her and I see your daughters, imagine your sons, your parents and grandparents, and I cannot even force my mind to comprehend this evil that has been acted out upon you. When news first broke here in Australia of what was happening, I found myself praying at home, at work, even in my car as I drove to pick up my own child from her school. I begged God not to allow your children to be harmed. I often felt tears running down my face whilst I prayed and hoped. Like you, I cannot understand why he spared some and not others. Why not all? They were beautiful children, innocent of any wrong doing. I see the haunted faces of the survivors on my television and I cry again and I pray now that he will ease the unbelieveable pain and hurt they are going through. I pray that those whose loved ones were not one of the fortunate will someday find a peace without that pain. I know it will take a long, long time. But still I pray.
Australia has suffered terrorism when our people were attacked in Bali. Innocent young people enjoying their holidays only to have their lives cut short. Some were only teenagers, as were some of yours. All the pain of that time has been re-awoken by what you are going through now. I would like to let you know that you are in many prayers here and many tears are being shed for you. You are always in my thoughts and my heart as you have been since this started and as you will be now forever.
To those of you who knew what was going on and did nothing, those of you who allowed them to harm these innocents while all the time caring for your own children, and continue to pass on your hatred through them and by doing so, do not allow the circle of evil to be broken. Those of you who, in your warped and sick minds can salve your twisted consciences, if conscience you even have, by offering excuses to justify this lowly and cowardly, dastardly act - I just want you to remember that what goes around comes around. If evil you will commit or allow to be commited, it will return to you tenfold in time. If you have one spark of true courage, you will be the first to teach your children that no one deserves to be hated for who they are, what religion they practice, the colour of their skin. You will teach them to condemn their own who commit these acts.You will break the circle forever. That innocents are not to blame for past wrongs or current policies which they have no hand in. The evil who carried out this horror are dead and rightly so. If it were left to me, they would be hanging by their ankles for all to see, stripped and left to rot. Cowards deserve no better.
Beslan, you will heal but you will not forget and neither will we. God bless you and keep you and may he cradle you all in his love forever as he now cradles your children.
Mrs. M. C.
New South Wales,


My heart aches for the victims and their familys of the Beslan tragedy.  May retibution be swift. No not ever forget.

Denis Novak
Chesapeake, Virginia USA


Dear Pravda editors,

Can you please convey, on behalf of our family, our deepest sympathies and heartfelt sorrow and hope for the poor families in Beslen who have lost the light of their lives?

The loss of one's nearest and dearest, with so much life and promise ahead, cannot be calculated.

Our tears are shed and shared with you. Our hope is that you will heal and someday be able to continue on in joy again. While your beloved is removed from your side, spirit is immortal and can never be extinguished.

Please pass along our condolences - we don't know any other way to send our prayers and wishes.

Thank you.

Lucy Mendenhall
Moscow, Idaho


Dear Editor: 
My husband and I live in California, USA.  We want to tell your people that we are praying for them and offer our sincerest condolences for an atrocity that words cannot express.  We must all stand together against these horrible people whose morals are so negligent that they would terrorize and kill the innocents of the world.  Words cannot say how deeply touched we are by your country's grief. 

Norma and Jerry Walker

Comment on the tragic events in Beslan

Madame / Sir,
My commnet comes from Toronto Canada, this is a tragedy that has touched me greatly, as did the events of Sept 11 2001. Terrorism in the name of a God has reached a critical point, as the unthinkable happened the assassination of women and children. Muslims extremists are at war with evereyone that does not adhere to the strict rules of moslem fondalmentalism, and as demonstarted by the attacts in your country, they are guided by ruthelessness and malice. Such behaviour cannot be appeased by dialogue, but must be answered by force.
What is strange to me is the absence of condemnation from the Muslim world, as many of their web sites do not even mention the events in your country is this a tacit approval?, or the fear that condemnation could triger rerprisials from these dispicable thugs. I pray that it is the later.
Tomorrow Sept 7th, is the first day of school in most Canadian schools, it is my wish that a minute of silence be observed in the memory of the Russian children who were so brutally murdered in Breslan.
Angelo Zenga
Toronto Canada

The Beslan tragedy

This is the first time I have visited your website..  My feelings about the tragedy of Beslan are, I'm sure, akin to those of all Russians.  I have only one simple comment to make.  It is this, that the shame for this - and of almost all slaughters throughout the world - lies with those who manufacture weapons.  People who manufacture explosives must know that their work will only result in death and destruction.  If they refused to do - and benefit from - such work, it would not be
possible for the the warlords (Bush, Blair, Putin and those in Burma and Africa etc) to kill so many innocent people.

Robert Shand

Beslan horror

Dear Beslan and Russia,
I am an American mother of three and I just had to find a way to say how horrified I am an by what has happened. I hope somehow this letter will reach some of you.  I have cried for your children and loved ones and I cannot understand such evil.  America has come to know evil personally through the acts of 9-11, but how can someone look directly into the eyes of a child and treat them with such contempt and cruelty?  We are grieving with you as I know you grieved with us.  May God be with you  and comfort you!
Deanna Gallagher
Illinios, USA

Child killers

That is their real name. I am outraged by calling them other names because they are not human. As a Serbian, and also victim who needed to flew his home not to be killed because of the war in my country I am well aware what muslim terrorist did in Bosnia with help of their monster arabic and other muslim monsters to Serbian civilians, including children.
They did it together with croatians who burned all Serbian houses in part called Krajina, killed thousands of women, children who were escaping to Serbia and got away with it (European union is saying that they are good candidates). Same child killers now they are doing same thing in Serbian province Kosovo and Metohija, with a help of western so called "humanist" who don't allow our country to make security for them.
All Serbians are praying for the souls of Beslan children, and wish that you find strength to remember their legacy and make Russia safe for of all their children. We will never forget them, they will be always on our minds as angels who will always watch over us.

Sasha Mladenovic

I think we should stop referring to the Islamo Fascists as 'Chechnyan freedom fighters' or whatever euphemism is used to condone mass murder. It seems clear that the various attacks in Russia have been conducted by Ingush, Dagestani, Arab, Chechnyan, and other Islamic terrorists, most of whom have received whatever  education they have in Wahhabi schools funded by Saudi Arabia. It also seems obvious that these people are using the gorge in Georgia as access to many regional conflicts.
The level of danger and upset in many parts of the world is so high now that real trouble can explode, just as the inadequacies, bureaucracies, economic problems, and colonial arrangements of the aftermath of WW I led to  WW II. Human nature, anarchy, chaos, Islamo Fascists, and wmd do not lead one to confidence in the future.
Lucy Chambers, Blaine, WA

No cause is justifiable that brings forth such evil and horror.  Russia shared our sorrow after our horrific loss on 9/11 now as Americans we stand beside you and share your tears which in your crisis, a loss that took so many children.  We are horrified, shocked and angry that some alien cause would consider such a criminal act, akin to the Nazi’s of old.  Please don’t blame your troops or your President for this act of supreme cruelty for they are blameless and are good people like all the rest of you all over Russia. Think only of those who planted the bombs in the school, who set those bombs off and who fired on the fleeing children, they are the real cause of this most horrible tragedy.  Bless all of you that have lost so many from the plane crashes, subway and apartment house bombings.  Russia knows more about terrorism and its horror than even our own Government.   God Bless you Russia.

David Herndon
Escondido, California

We stand in solidarity

Dear People of Russia,
Please know that we in The United States of America stand with you in Solidarity in your time of Grief.
Our hearts are broken and tears flow as we witness this unspeakable act of Barbarism cast upon you.
We also stand with you in Solidarity in your fight against terrorism. Our prayers are with you and your government in this time, for peace and wisdom.
Thank you for your time
John Oman
Round Rock,Texas


To the families who lost loved ones in  the terrible terrorist attack against the school in Beslan.

Our family sends it's deepest personal regards and sympathy for your loss.  NO cause of any value can be worth the price of the lives of hundreds of hostage children strapped to explosives.  NO leader worth following could condone shooting women, old people and children in the back.

My grandchildren and I watched with horror as the events unfolded.  They too started school this past week.  We are all grieving over this tragic senseless slaughter.  Our prayers are with you.


The Schafer Family (Jessica, Alexa, Cole, Toby and Tom)
Grand Rapids, Michigan

Beslan tragedy

To all of you affected by the tradgedy in your country:
I am writing to add my voice and express my condolences to the many people affected by the violence in Beslan.  It is impossible to understand the horror inflicted upon those innocent parents and children as they went to school.  It brought tears, disgust and anger that people can be so cruel.  Our thoughts and prayers are with all of your families, and with your country.  Your leaders need world support to rid yourselves of this kind of terror and fear.  We in the United States understand this fear, and the need to fight this kind of violence.  Blessings to you in your sorrow, and strength as you fight this problem. 
Charlene Sweeney, Madison, WI, USA

The Russian tragedy

Dear Pravda,

Please accept my deepest sympathies for the unspeakable tragedy that visited your people and dear children. In terms of atrocities, this ranks above 9/11 since children were themselves targeted by wicked men motivated by an evil lie. We here in America are absolutely outraged by the horror which you now have at your feet. Our hearts are broken with yours. Do not listen to the foolishness of the voices that would put responsibility for this tragedy on your own defense methods. It is not the police who rounded up the children and took them hostage. Place blame for this at the feet of those whose god says it's ok to kill children in the name of Allah or Mohammed.


Van Vradenburg
California, USA

Our deepest sympathy

Dear Sir,
We live in Queensland Australia, and have been watching like the rest of the world the evil, and horrific acts of terrorists that have occurred in Beslan.
Please forward our deepest sympathy and support to the people of Beslan.
Even though we live so far away we cry and mourn the deaths of so many innocent young lives, and of those who tried to save them.
Charles and Heather Frost

Tragedy in Beslan

Hereby I offer my deep condolences with the families of all the victims of the Beslan tragedy and the Russian people.
It cannot be true that there are reasons, political or based on any other terrible thoughts of revenge, to kill so many people, to kill so many innocent children and their teachers. It is a bloody mark on those who plan these acts. The question that rises after this is: how many other innocent man, women and children will have to pay the ultimate price as these acts will not be forgotten.
Will you be so kind to publish this letter as it is the only way I can think of to express my feelings under the circumstances. I tried to find Ossetian websites where I could send my message to, but unfortunately without success.
Thank you for your help.
The Netherlands


Words cannot describe the sympathies I feel for parents and families of those murdered in Beslan.  Neither can words describe the anger felt towards the murdering terrorists responsible for this absolutely senseless act.

Thomas Hanson

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