Chechen seems like mafia

I read a lot of Western online newspapers on the hostage-taking in Ossetia's school, and encounter much criticism too (expecially in some "intellectual claiming" newspapers) about the need  for Russia to change its policy.
What I read is a very strange way of thinking. The strange people criticizing Russia, are saying nothing bad will happen if you accept to the terms of the people you are fighting against. They say terrorists are "figthting" not because they are simply evil (which has been proved), but because you are offending them not giving what they ask.

That "intellectuals" say that there is no problem: give them what they  they ask, and then they will return home and open a Pizza Restaurant. What the problem? You should only agree and "puf", they will return to be deckers and mechanics....that intellectuals have the magic key every time, is not?

And of course, if you refuse to agree with them, then YOU are the cause of THEIR acts!

As an Italian, I find very familiar that kind of dialectics. In Italy we have a problem called Mafia.

The situation is the same: if you agree and give them what they ask for, then they don't blast your shop.

If you don't pay, then YOU are the cause of what happens: you are not paid..

So, what the prob? You simply pay mafia, and you can begin an happy convivence with them!
It's a gentlemen's agreement, is not?

The inverted dialeptic is evidence when you know how that payment is called: "protection".

When you are talking with Mafia , you are not forced to pay. No, you are paying "protection",you are paying "to be protected" . Problem is you will be "protected" againist the same peopleagainist you need protection from!

Of course, reading form the civic point of view, one can think that I am  wrong.
Mafia is a criminal society, and you can do "peace agreement"  with them. You can't  "live together" with mafia.
You can't "give a chance to peace" with mafia. If you accept the agreement, then they will ask more , and more, and more, until you will have nothing for yourself.

The same thing is for that "intellectuals" that preaches for "peaceful resolution" of problems, with an "agreement". They are saying: let's pay to terrorists what they ask , and you will protected ....againist them! The same of Mafia!

Analogies with terrorism is evidence: they are saying the same thing. Give Chechen terroristwhat they ask, and then you will be protected ...againist themselves.

You don't want your schools be assaulted? (You don't want you shop blasted?) No problem,let pay the fee, and you can start a happy pacific life with you lovely terrorists (mafia)....

It seems Russia's challenge is to make other people to understand you can't do any "agreement" with that terrorists, because that people are simply criminal, and the law can't
do agreements with criminals. Perhaps, the West Bank feels authorized to do the same when hit. That a strange difference: neighborhood-hitting terrorist is different?

Some other "intellectuals" says that kinda people are something like "partisans".  I think they should wash their mouth with soap. Partisans fighted with honour and even fighted againist soldiers, not againist childrens or women.

Perhaps, what I noted is chechen way to fight is not really a "way to fight". When partisans fights againist some invader, they attacks soldiers, not civilians. They do military actions,
not common crimes.

It seems to me that way to "fight" (kidnapping, blasting of civilians, hostage taking, children threating) is not typical of a partisan fight. It seems to me more typical of common criminal gangs. They finance themselves selling drugs, they take hostages, they kidnap.
What the difference between that terrorist and a common mafia connection?

Partisans simply fight the invader. In the IIWW, there were a lot of partisans too. But I never heard of partisans that kidpnapped people, or assaulted schools. I ever heard a lot of partisans died fighting with soldiers. I think when some "intellectuals" says that kinda cowards are similar to "partisans" should taste the matter, even it is not really human to hope that. So i dont' want to think that way, even they are taunting me.

But terrorists  aren't partisans, and I think  the major challenge of  Russia is to make it clear to other peoples.

I want to say you not all people here thinks like that newspapers , even some "intellectuals" want you think that and feel alone under pressure.

I disagree with that "western intellectual" and I am not alone. I never heard common people thinking the same way of that "intellectuals" that are fullfilling some Western press. People here are mothers and fathers like you and dont want's terrorist take schools, even they are supposed "being partisans".

The cause of deads in the school is "terrorists are evil people". Period.
Sometimes reality is full evidence. This is the case.

Now, I want to say I feel near to Russians and with families of all that tragedy, I will pray for them.
You are not alone.

Ivan Nikola Guerra

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova