George Person: Cognition and evil energies RESPONSE

When we speak of negative energies, perhaps what we are really speaking of is the accumulation of " stacked time." 
That the universe is somehow both unfolding as well as constant...that as time moves forward, the past present and future somehow coincide in some sort of supernatural parallel well as the hereafter and the beyond...where the material universe plays back and forth with the supernatural universe...
Perhaps space in time has a history, that if you could create a time distortion and pass thru the fabric of the present you could witness past events currently unfolding through the window of time's observatory...yet, some people may be sensitive enough to these kind of frequencies...which feed and energize the atomic structure of the universe...much like a faucet of water filling up the bath tub...and the drain is the black hole, draining away into a dark and scary abyss...where the negative energies seep through the manhole covers of pollute the spirit of the universe...and the present we live in...
If energies such as these are rampant and uncontrollable, it would be wise to be spiritual and God fearing - after all, a halo is a nice little shield from the corrupt energies which attempt to penetrate the mind...where once they accumulate, they send their negative charge on a suicide mission, to blow themselves up on a subway in Moscow or blow themselves up in Russian airspace during flight...killing innocent people, while their minds glow with this false light, like an insect swirling around a lamp post in a dirty run down part of town, in the middle of the night worshipping their false the piety of their negatively charged religious interpretations...
George Person
Phoenix, Arizona

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova