Bob Falkner: Berglin on Air Force scandal

Could be in very isolated incidents these things are true. One really should consider all the ramifications that would make at least one of the two parties later decide...that was actually rape.
What's is going on in Sheppard Springs is the AP's are making good use of their night vision goggles. It's is not rape they are concerned with. It's mere consensual copulation by young people at their peak. What a surprise! It like a barrio down there near the schools. What an unbelievable mix of humanity! Could be that later for one of the two after having been caught, rape might sound like a really good reason that it happened.
There is really not anywhere near a widespread problem Pravda seems to thrive on with US Airmen picking out a woman and dragging her off to his cave by the hair.
Turncoat you know this.
The handling of this article is why I said that. Even from dealing with personnel you know what it is about!
My son has shivered in the cold in the snow with a female airman in his training just to stay warm and survive the night. And they never touched otherwise.
What a disgrace how you so chalantly omit what you do know about all the honor that is really there in that organization.
I'll probably see you the 'wild blue yonder' and maybe we can talk about politics Michael.
But for now...Off I go!
Bob Falkner

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova