Beslan is in our thoughts Readers' letters on the hostage tragedy

You are not alone
The horror of the school hostages brought back to me very bad memories of what happened at the Columbine school system five years ago, where many American children were killed and wounded by only two students armed with a few guns.
I listen to much criticism from the world and your own people.  They all complain about how Russia should not permit such a terrible thing happen to its own people, how weak Russia is, etc.  Those people in America who would think such things, they have forgotten, but I have not. The only difference was that there was not 28 or 30 highly trained terriorists  attacking an American school, but just two children who had got some guns that they never should have possessed.
As I  watched the television, seeing the Russian children running for their lives, I remember watching the same thing five years ago happen in America.   I know that in a hostage situation that as long as you can keep the them talking, then there is a chance that things will end in peace.  But once the shooting starts, there is no choice, but to go in  When it happened in  America, I was enraged that our police officers did not go in to the school faster.  They were not prepared, they did not do what was necessary to protect us. This never should have happened, not in America. But it did. It took me a long time to realize that they did the best they could do.
Then the terror of New York on September 11th, again, I watched on television and became enraged. I had the same feelings and emotions all over again. Again, it took me a long time to realize that everyone did the best that they could do.
The sad truth is no one can not stop such horror and we all suffer.    So when it comes to the pain of your losses, we know them well and you are not alone.  I wish I had more to offer.
Lee Veness
Texas, USA


I was not sure how to get the word to the Russian people that we share their grief over the tragedy at Beslan.  I hope this is a proper venue to do so.

David Browning
Independence, Missouri

Tragedy in Beslan

I just want you to know, that the people and familys caught up in the tradgedy in beslan are in my prayers. I pray also that the leaders of the world will stand by you, and drive out and rid all our societys of terrorists.
God bless you all
Phil Smith
Aberdeenshire, Scotland

To the people of Russia

Dear editor,
I was following this tragic story on Russia news, words can not express the sorrow in my heart, the people at my work, neighbors, friends all felt sick at the news on Friday since then of course it has ended.
I would like to tell the people of Russia how heartfelt sorry the American people are of your lost, seeing those innocent children just tear ones heart out, the people of the free world must surely realize now that we are at war, at war with terrorists who murder the most innocent.
These monster must be stopped and between our two great countries along with other countries we must STOP them, I believe now the rest of the world understands what our President Bush stated right after our 9/11 "You are either with us or you are against us" these words are truer now, more than ever.
God bless you all,
John Cochran
Plymouth Township, PA USA

Vicky Foster: Beslan disaster

Dearest Russian Friends,
We are so sorry to hear of the latest and clearly most cowardly act of Terrorism that the world has ever seen. The senseless and unjust brutality against our most innocent children in Breslan is difficult for all compassionate souls on this small planet to accept. Our spirit for life will be damaged forever and our prayers and tears will flow daily to the families and loved ones who have had their lives and hearts ripped apart.
I hope that we will soon wake up in Solidarity to eliminate this filth from our world.  If we do not rise together, then we must accept that it is only a matter of when, not if, such a terrible tragedy will visit our own shores, provinces, states, cities, and neighborhoods. We can only put our trust in our leadership to forge a path toward freedom and peace with all our brothers throughout this great and magnificent world. Please do not give up on President Putin...we all need him...the world needs him.
Grace and Peace from your friends in the U.S.
Love to You All, Always and Forever!

Our thoughts are with Beslan

I watched the news of the mass burial in Beslan and felt such a horrible sense of loss and despair for the people of Beslan and for the world.  As terrorists continue to demonstrate their ruthless despair for humankind in an effort to send a message of fear and chaos, it's important that we unite together to demonstrate our power of protecting one another from harm - especially children.  We are being given so many opportunities to learn lessons of brotherhood and I see a day when the world knows how to speak one language of peace and mutual respect, while at the same time protecting ourselves from those whose mission is to do harm to innocent people.
My thoughts are with Beslan.
Laura from Omaha, Nebraska

Sorrow for your loss from New Mexico

My wife and I would like to express our deepest sympathy to the Russian people over the outrageous terrorist attack on the school.  It is beyond our comprehension how anyone could do this to innocent people.  We cannot imagine the horror experienced by the families there.  Let us hope that Russia, the United States, and all of the nations of the world unite in a concerted effort to put an end to these most devastating acts of cowardice and inhumanity. 
Our most heart felt condolences,
Gene and Linda Miller
Las Cruces, NM, USA


it's hard to imagine the extent of horrific acts that people will still commit in a civilized society. when we see that extent, we are shocked but learn from it. WHO could have possibly predicted it? no one. no one can even IMAGINE such an act let alone seeing one develope. we live in a different world today. we ALL have to take a different approach to our lives. we thank all the terrorists for exposing themselves as the vermon they are and giving us the opportunity to prepare for their future actions. we'll always be on the lookout for them now. people of beslan,our hearts,tears and sorrow are with you halfway across the world in chicao,il.,us. 

Mark Rudolph, Chicago

Hostages in Beslan

I would like to offer my sympathies to the families that
lost their beloved children. The world grieves for them.
I know little of politics but I think President Putin should
deal harshly with the terrorists that planned and executed
this horrible plot. It seem that all over the world, people
want to hurt other people. I don't understand it. We are only
on this earth for a short time anyway, why fight and hate.
I am sorry for the children of Mother Russia, and the
children of Mother Earth.

Bruce Johnson

Offer of help to Beslan people

I am a 33 year veteran of the San Francisco Fire Department with 10 years experience as a volunteer in troubled areas of the world

I have assisted the emergency services in these troubled areas in what ever ways I could.

In watching the tragedy unfold in Beslan, my heart goes out to the children and people of that community for the terror that was brought to people who should not have had to confront such horror.

I offer my volunteer services to the people of Beslan in what ever way I can: assessment of fire/rescue/emergency medical services, advice on disaster preparation, etc, etc.


Robert Boudoures
Assistant Chief, SFFD – retired

The slaughter of the children

To the families of the children in Beslan, I have no words that are strong enough to tell you of the grief my family feels. I know what it means to lose a child, but this was senseless and wanton murder. My heart aches with your pain and my tears will join yours. There must be something we can do to stop this. The killing must stop. We are all the same, no matter Race, Color, Religion, or Political bent, we are still human beings with hopes and dreams and love  and laughter and we must stand firm  against these people who choose death over life. There is now a common bond between the USA and Russia, and it must be to defeat this sick society that plans on controlling us thru fear. The time will come when all countries realize they are not safe from these terrorists, you cannot back down or appease them. We must stand up together, and send them to this place of death they seem so concerned about, by Allah by God or any other means.

Beverly Bryant Lux  Louisiana

American condolences

This letter is addressed to the people of Russia, especially the parents in Beslan:
Word cannot begin to express our sorrows for your people at this time.  We understand that when a certain part of a country is attacked it feels as if we all were.  This act that was committed in Beslan is the worse thing a terrorist could have done.  The attack of innocent children is absolutely disgusting!  May God be with the children, the families, and the people of Russia at this time. 
Now more than ever the Russia and the US need to stand together to fight terrorism and fight it harder than ever before so that these incidents will never happen again.  Our two great nations need not stand for any sort of terrorism any longer.  
Again, May God bless the people of Russia at this time.  I speak on behalf of the citizens of the US in saying that our thoughts and prayers are with you.
Thomas C. Fitzgibbon
Florida - United States of America

Terrorist attack

Dear Editor:
We are saddened by the events in Beslan this week and would like to let the people of Beslan know how we feel.  Is it possible that somehow you could get my message (below) to them?  I don't know who to write to in Beslan and found your website online so I'm writing to you.
Thank you in advance for your help
Rod Krieger

To the people of Beslan:
Please accept mine and my wife's sincere condolences for the tragic loss of your children and their parents and teachers. Our hearts are deeply saddened by your grief and pray that the terrorists responsible for this horrific event will be brought to justice. 
We remember and appreciate your concerns and support for us after September 11, 2001 and want you to know we stand by you also in your time of loss.  Terrorism is like a cancer to mankind and must be eradicated whenever and wherever it is discovered. Join us Americans in our quest do that so all the children of the world will be able to live in peace and without fear.
Rod Krieger
Coloma, Michigan, USA

Sympathies from America

Please send my deepest sympathies to the families of Beslan, to the people of Russia and to President Putin.

For once, civilized countries are united in grieving and condemning the barbaric atrocities committed by brained-washed Islamic militants. We are no more Canadians, Americans or Russians but simply people who want to live peacefully without having our children taken hostages, tortured and killed by madmen.

In all countries, the first responsibility of the Government is to defend its people. But the realities of the 21st century have changed – threats are no more coming from foreign nations but from groups of megalomaniacs using the cover of Islamic religion to indoctrinate weaker minds.

They endanger the whole world. To counter it, we have to unite as allies, as we already did twice in the past. After New York, Madrid and Beslan, we are left with no other choices but to declare a World War against Terrorism.

The next two days will be days of mourning when we shall remember the young innocent ones, who left us prematurely. The following days should be ones of resolve, where Russia and the United States, hand in hand, will coordinate their efforts to unequivocally crush and defeat the plague of Islamic Terrorism.
Y. Brosseau

We mourn together

Dear Russian friends, dear brothers,
We mourn together with you for the innocent children and all the victims of the monstrous attack in Beslan. Got be with the families of those who suffered and with Russia! We pray for Russia, and also for the whole world, to be strong and united in destroying the evil of the terrorism.
Valentina, Skopje, Macedonia

Beslan horror

Dear Sir,
Our family in New Zealand wish to express our deepest sympathies with all Russian people with regard to the Beslan School horror.
The sight of those poor parents on our main TV news channels tonight brought to us the full impact of the disgusting actions of those rotten terrorists who perpetrated such callous inhumanity on their captives.  We were speechless when we heard that one 13 year old girl had been shot 47 times in the back.  We could hardly comprehend this.
Most people in New Zealand do not in any way attach blame to the Russian troops who only did what they could in the most difficult of circumstances.  Indeed, if they had not acted the way they did, we believe that many more would have perished.
Take heart in the knowledge that our thoughts are with the Russian people both right now and well into the future.  Many New Zealanders have been brought to tears over this tragedy and it was all we talked about today.  Indeed, many were so upset they could not perform their work duties properly - both the men and women, especially those with children of their own.
We wish that many blessings be brought to the people of Russia and may strength be given to those who have experienced first hand such an awful horror.
Sincerest Regards
Mark O'Sullivan and Family
New Zealand


Dear Vadim Gorshenin,
  I am a Grandfather living in Amarillo, Texas USA. Will you please pass the word along to Russian folks that our hearts go out for the parents of the
children who were murdered. No matter what the differences are among the people of the world, Children should never be harmed because they're angels
of God.
  Tell the parents that Jesus personally escorted his little Angels to heaven.
Your friend
Vic Tillerson

The school massacre and thereafter

Today and tomorrow, Russia will be in grief. At the same time, the philosophers the world round are in action,with ideas, and analysis of the mistakes! In short, everyone has solutions to problems, when not involved.
In this saga, where so many families have been plunged into long term misery, any action is justified. It will serve as a deterrent to others, in the future.
Why was one of the terrorists paraded on television?
He looked to me like a man who wanted to talk about his friends, where explosives are hidden in his house, who assembled him and his friends and gave the order for their action. The terrorist wanted to Live! Can you believe that? Perhaps he meant, that he wanted to talk, and the police were
wasting valuable time.
Are those nice MIG 29  still in Russia, and in working order, or rotting on the ground. Why have not we seen any in the air? Is Osama Bin Laden in Chechnya, organising a second round against Russia? Surely he is not in Afganistan, or Pakistan, the searches are too intensive for his comfort.
And when the Migs are fired upon, then they strike mercilessly, until the fire ceases, just like the police in America, remember! The black man was been hit on the ground, with the excuse that he was still moving, and therefore he constituted a threat! The black people rioted, but in this case, there may be no terrorists on the ground to riot.
The Americans turned the mountains into valleys in Afganistan. Surely Russia has the means to clean the hideouts of these terrorists, in Chechnya.
I rather be stupid and protected rather than clever and valnerable! Hence serious action is needed immediately, and world opinion means as much as human rights in Guantanamo bay.

Yours sencely,

Mike Thomson,
London, UK

Hostage taking

I would like to express my sincere condolences and sympathy to the people of Beslan. I have followed this hostage taking from the beginning and I have been praying continuously for the safe release of all hostages. My prayers were shattered with the news of so many deaths. I will continue to pray for the people of Beslan who lost love ones.

I do hope that President Putin rids his country of any Moslem. I have yet to see in our world the Moslem people march or protest in any manner to denounce these violent terrorist acts that are being performed by members of their community. When are they going to have the courage to stand up against these terrorist acts by their own. How can they expect people to look upon them favourably if they don’t support our cause.

I do have to agree with one of your writers, Michael Berglin, that we should give every last one of them a one way plane ticket to their own country. In no way should we be catering to them and meeting their requests. They should be made to abide by our laws or go back to their own country. Enough is enough and I think all countries need to join forces to combat these people.

Tom McInnis

Tears in my eyes

I am glad after an hour's searching that I have found an email address that I can write to with tears in my eyes about the terrible
thing that was done to the people of Belsan and all Russia. One wants to do something, to help, to express one's feelings.  I am confused on the one hand by the seemingly bottomless depravity of mankind and on the other by nearly unbearable stories of nobility and sacrifice; these latter are uplifting and dispel the bleakness a little. I have no children of my own but I can feel the pain of the mothers and fathers, brothers, sisters, relatives  as if I did have. There are rules in life and whatever else you do you don't do that kind of thing to children. I think this is what is so hard.
What can we say and do? Please do not think that we go about our daily lives without a care or thought, that we go to work, do the shopping and do all the other day to day things in the same way as we did before last Friday. I certainly don't. Please also believe that I think there are millions of people out there who would like to do something - a gesture, some little thing. If I had the money I would like to come to Beslan and lay some flowers on that sad field but I think it would be too heart-wrenching.
Thank you for letting me unburden what is distressing me greatly.
John, Izmir, Turkey

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