Tears in my eyes - Readers' letters on Beslan tragedy

My heart is crying, my intellect  is outraged, furious.  My family and I share in your pain, we Love you and pray for you.  It is
inconceivable that any human can be so filled with evil, could still be walking around this planet.  What ever cause they stood for can only be judged by their work.  Pure Evil.  They are the enemy of all human-kind.  They must be stopped no matter what the means. Russia is justified to respond to these barbarians however it sees fit!

Pembroke Pines, Florida, U.S.A.

A parent’s sorrow

In the middle of the night I got up to listen to the news, to check my Internet, not to learn of storms or markets or nuclear development, but to learn about your children.  Now I sit quietly on Sunday morning, here in California, full of a parent's sorrow for the terrible grief brought into the lives of parents in Russia.  What else can I say but how saddened my heart is.  I weep here as my own children lay sleeping in their beds.  This is beyond words.  I am so sorry.  I know the world is full of grief now, but our sorrow cannot come close to the grief of the
parents and families in Beslan.  Please know that we are watching and in some small, possibly insignificant way, we grieve your loss.

Gary Grimm
Blythe,   CA

The despicable tragedy

My family and I want to express our deepest condolences to the families, relatives, loved ones, and the Russian people who have suffered so much tragedy in the past week. What took place in Beslan is appalling, disgusting and despicable. I can also assure you that we Americans are praying for you. We share your grief, sorrow, and outrage at such a barbaric act. We must all work together to fight this scourge of terror. We pray for the survivors and the families of the victims of these barbaric acts. Please accept our deepest sympathies and prayers. 
With deepest sympathy,

Pam Routhier

Terrorist attack

Dear Editor,
My heart cries for the families of the recent losses in the terrorist attacks.  My prayers are for the people of Russia and the sorrow that has befallen you. Having lost a son to cancer several years ago I understand your pain. This is more tragic because it was sensless violence perpertrated on you by evil barbarians who have no love of life. You are a strong, proud people who will survive this onslaught of barbarianism. My heart is with each one of you.  May God give you the strength to endure this tragedy. May we as civilized people have the strength and resolve to destroy the evil barbarians in this world that try to destroy our civilization. Again, My prayers are with you through this tragedy. I know that others are praying for you. All my love to the people of Russia. May the love of life in our hearts prevail over the hate that is trying to consume us.
Peace and Love,
Rick Miller, USA.

Our hearts go out to you

I am just a lone American from a town in the state known as Ohio.
Each state in our country has a motto or a promotional slogan that it hopes will resonate with tourists in an enticement to visit that particular state.   My state's slogan is ..."The Heart of it all" and its featured on our license plates.  If you look at the state's borderlines in comparison with other states, you might see the image as that of a "heart" ... and our state is certainly in the central, or midwest section of the country, so we're clearly in the "heart of it all".  But more than that, the midwestern people are known for their hard work ethic, their conservative and moral values concerning their families and communities and how we treat others.
Maybe that is why I feel the need to write to the people of your great country,  in your hour of deep sorrow over recent events.  My heart goes out to you, and with it my tears, over the senseless acts of pure evil by a  group of people who truly believe they can destroy your country and with it your people, including your children, just as they intend to destroy us and our people, our way of life, and with it the freedom of the world.  That beacon of light cannot be allowed to be extinguished, for both of our sakes.
My Heart goes out to you in this time of horror that has fallen upon you.
After this group committed its 9/11 atrocities on our country and more importantly against our innocent population of ordinary citizens and children, our great nation, again was awakened from its slumber to once again answer the call of our people, to answer this attack on our country, with a swift massive retaliatory response to this new enemy.  On 9/11 many people from many countries said, "today, we are all Americans", as they tried to remove some of our pain with their unified grief and sorrow at our loss.  And we would never wish a similar circumstance to happen to anyone else, anywhere in the world.   Unfortunately several countries have felt the sting of terrorism on their soil since 9/11, and for each country it became their wake up call to this new threat, but perhaps it looks insurmountable given their perspective as a smaller individual nation. 
But the atrocities that occurred in your country this past week are unspeakable.  Innocents killed near a Moscow subway by a suicide bomber.  Two passenger planes filled with innocent Russians who were doing nothing more that carrying on with their regular daily lives, blown out of the sky by these terrorists.  That was bad enough for a country to bare, but the taking over of that school house filled with innocent children and their parents anticipating the beginning of another normal school year, only to have their hopes, dreams and their young lives blown to bits by bullets piercing their bodies, tons of roof and wreckage crushing their bones and the horrific fire that charred some beyond recognition.
I use strong words describing this, just as with our 9/11, as I watched people, jumping out of windows of the one hundredth floor, knowing they were killing themselves but still wanting to escape the intense fire caused by the jet fuel.  
My heart goes out to you because you, now, have experienced your own 9/11... and you now feel, as we did three years ago, that enough is enough and if its a fight they want, its a fight they will get!   Maybe three years ago, at the time you saw it as "arrogant" for our country to say,  that we would like to have you behind us in this fight, but if not, we will go it alone, for this will not happen to us again.  At the time, no one could feel the pain we felt at this senseless act of terror that put a stake close to our heart.   Perhaps, today, I hope you won't find us so arrogant.
There isn't a family in the world, that doesn't have disputes or different views on how to tackle a problem.  So we can expect nothing less from our national governments.   But there are some things that unite us all.
People almost everywhere just want to be able to  live their lives, raise their families and do the best they can at bettering themselves and their communities and country...and to be left alone.  When another group of people want to take all that away, to invade our lives, our families and country for the purpose of dominating all people into the slavery of their whims and beliefs,  I say it's time to stand up united against this evil.  And I hope to hear soon from your people and your government, that if it's a fight they want, then it's a fight we will give them.  And here in this country, our people would not see that as arrogant.  We would see it as the awakening of another great country to this evil that is threatening us all.  We would welcome you into the fray as blood brothers in a common cause.  And you know, It could unite our two countries as friends forever, as I know your people from your heartland and our people from our heartland would cast that deciding vote, and our governments would not dare go against us.
I hope to hear your voices soon.
With heartfelt sympathy over your loss,
Bruce McLellan
from the heart of it all,
and part of the United States of America
Beslan tragedy

To the people of Russia,
It is with great sadness that I watched the hostage situation
unfold in Beslan.   I, along with many Americans,  wept when we received the news of 340 innocent people killed.   There is no justification in such an evil act against humanity.  My prayers will be for your families and your country to be comforted in this time of great sorrow.  Many people in the United States care.  We feel and know the personal pain and
sorrow a tragedy like this can bring to a family and a nation.  We will all pray for you.  When I went to church this evening,  the Mass was offered for the victims and the families of Beslan.  I, and many Americans extend the hand of friendship and comfort to you.  You have our deepest condolences.  May God give you the courage and graces you need in this time of sorrow.

Dian Crane

My heart and prayers go out to everyone in Beslan and Russia

I can’t believe that anyone would want to harm children or innocent civilians like this. I’m saddened by the loss of life in the past week in Russia.
This is just plain senseless killing of people who could not defend themselves.
I hope President Bush and President Putin can get this job done…join together to fight these butchers… the freedom and peace of this world and safety of our countries citizens depends upon us uniting to defeat the terrorists… they are clearly working together from Iraq, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Syria, Chechnya, Lebanon and the Palestinians… they are working from the same script and following the same code.
I’ve never seen a bigger group of cowards in my life. They strap bombs to themselves and blow up the innocent.
These people aren’t rebels they are extreme cowards, with depraved minds, that have no moral compass to guide them.

Miles Kaplan
Murrieta, CA - USA

My profound and deepest condolences to the Russian people . . . and a call to arms

My profound and deepest condolences to the Russian people who have suffered such a terrible tragedy.   

These people who call themselves "Moslems", claiming to be fighting for what they say is a just cause, are the lowest of the low, cowards of the worst imaginable sort.    To attack a school full of children, and then shoot hundreds of them in the back as they are fleeing simply defies comprehension.   Not since the times of Adolf Hitler, in his worst delusional fantasies, could such evil be comptemplated and carried as if such were a "military" mission.

My thoughts are this:  there comes a time where a given group of people have sunk to such a low state of evil and utter disregard for the most basic of fundamental human considerations, that they have forfeited their right to exist as members of the human community.    These may sound like harsh words, but this is the hard reality that a civilized world must confront, and confront with unswerving brute strength and resolve.   I won't even justify these people's existence by referring to them as "terrorists".  In my mind, they are like cockroaches, disgusting little insects for which the only solution is to eradicate them completely.

I witnessed the horror here in my country when the twin Trade Center towers were attacked, and thought to myself, "how much worse can this get?".  With extreme sadness, this most recent incident in Russia provided the answer.

If these so-called terrorists think that by perpetrating this sort of evil upon civilized people, that this will cause the civilized world to cringe and cower, they are mistaken.   What it will do is enrage ordinary people everywhere, and harden their resolve to hit back, and hit back hard.

If there are any amongst the Moslem community who wish to disavow themselves of this evil and join ranks with the rest of the civilized world, and condemn these evil acts of cowardice, this is their time to do so.  

The patience of the rest of the world is wearing very thin.  



Through this ordeal, in Beslan, my emotions are so broken. It is not my custom to cry real tears for sad news around the world, but in this case I cry. I understand from my Russian wife, Marina, that it is customary to have a holiday on September 1st (first day of school). To see such terrible things happen to innocent children, I can find no justification.  My condolences to the Russian people. May they come together in strength, faith, and purpose. I remember the people of Russia bringing flowers to the American embassy in Moscow, with tears in their eyes, after "911". I thank the Russian people for their hearts. I wish that there was something I could do to support  the Russian people in these times. May the Russian
president, respond properly, but my advice to him is to fight terrorism with terrorism (fire with fire). Take from them something they cannot lose, make them afraid to awaken the Russian Bear. I have been to Russia (Yaroslavl) and met the Russian people face to face.
I have nothing but respect for them and could not believe how similiar they are to Americans. I am sure Russia will survive, and thrive. As Putin said "a time of transition", stand together as one people, support each other.
Make your country strong, unite and have common purpose. Corruption is everywhere, but so is sacrifice. The generation of Russian's that fought the nazis has not faded, the American people and Russian people may have been coined in the same press. Make your country strong and successful for your people, children. Freedom comes at a price, be not afraid to pay it.

     I am no scholar, no historical authority. Looking from a distant land I see a new country emerging, a strong and peaceful nation, I hope. May God help Putin stop the terrorism and bring peace and prosperity to Russia.
Please accept my condolences and compassion in this terrible time. 
James May
Dallas, Tx


I am a grandmother, of one grandchild, but my heart is breaking for the lost of the children of Russia.  The tears run down my cheek and flow like a stream. How can anyone do such things to a child,  We as parents and grandparents are supposed to protect them?  How these parents must hurt inside for I am just to hear and see what has happened.
What can I do?  Do you have a red cross? 
God help you and your country.  We all must unite together, WE MUST PROTECT OUR CHILDREN AND WAY OF LIFE.
My sincere sympathy to all.
Mary Cashman Koch
Linden, MI

Beslan – our sorrow and a need for clear vision

From the United Kingdom may I send our most sincere condolences for the utterly sickening events that unfolded in Beslan.  All day in our office we watched the live news coverage of the final day and, as a father, I felt more sick than I can possibly remember.  In the same office I watched the attacks of September 11th with crying Americans but this time I felt that an even worse level had been past - from the murder of innocent civilians to the murder of innocent children.

I have read the forums here and seen the messages of support.  We are with you all the way in your pain.  Yet there is one thing that I must say - here there have been messages about how foul Muslims are for carrying out these attacks and how this religion is to be despised.
If you want the sickness that occurred in Beslan to be stopped, we must all recognize that Islam has NOTHING to do with Beslan.  I am not Muslim or Islamic but I tell you, unless we recognize that blaming one of the major religions of the world for such actions is pointless, irrelevant, an insult to the intelligence, then we are only likely to be dragged into further hatred and misery.  Decent law abiding Muslims, of which there are tens or hundreds of millions, abhor this action in
Beslan.  Decent law abiding Chechyens should too.  Do NOT let the action of an inhuman minority - some of the worst criminals of our history - lead you to the wrong conclusions about a much bigger group.
The people who carried this out were not Islamic or Chechyen - they were subhumans who are not fit to draw breath on our planet.  They do not represent Islam any more than the Christian butchers of the past represented Christianity.

We must make the distinction because this is where the major conflicts of the past have started.  If you want to stop the insanity of the past, make sure you don't follow the Christian fundamentalists who apply such crude logic to these problems.  We have a responsibility now to stop this madness.  To those who have the courage to do so, my heart goes out to you, as it does to the fathers, mothers, daughters and sons of Beslan.  I will never forget this terrible day.



America offer our condolences and prayers for those whose suffered at the hands of the lower forms of humans, that murder Russia’s children. We grieve with you as we would grieve for our own. This is, and has been, a war of good and evil. It is that simple, good people against evil forms of life.
I have shed so many tears at the sites of Beslan, the World Trade Center and elsewhere. As a former soldier, I had thought I had seen all of the worst of man. We in America will fight these devils and will never relent. I envision no less from our Russian friends…. My GOD have mercy on their soles…
A sad and heartbroken friend
James C. Harvey

Terrorist scum

All terrorists are animals of the lowest form and should be treated as such....!!
Russia has a thriving mafia movement that is, in my opinion, well known by the Government. I think if they joined forces, they could catch the scum responsible and publicly kill them. LIVE on TV for all the world to see.


I can't express my anger or grief over the terrorist killings that have taken place in Beslan adequately, or really even who to express them too. I'd like to take this opportunity to tell you that American's are  shocked, grief stricken and enraged over the deaths of the innocents in Beslan. We hold the families in our prayers and I for one wish that President Putin and the Russian people exact swift and harsh justice on the evil that caused this tragedy.
Joseph Nowakowski

Dear Editor,

My family and I send our sincere condolences to everyone in Russia on the dreadful events in Beslan.
Our hearts go out to all the families who suffered a loss.

Ian Smith & Family
United Kingdom

Great sadness

Dear Dear Russian People and the families of thier
slain ones. I am in deep morining and prayers  for
your beautiful country that has been devestated by the
slaughter of innocents. I will pray and help in anyway
I can. Our countries must stand together to destroy
this ugly monster that has reared its head to
terrorize the world. My humble prayers are with you

Michel Baker
Oregon, USA

For each terrorist atrocity, Russia should destroy a Muslim holy site in Saudi Arabia

My sincere sympathy and tears for the victims of the recent terrorist atrocity. One small consolation is that now the world will see the terroists are insane animals who attack innocent children.
Since this terroist act was planned and perpetrated by Saudi nationals, Russia should  delcare to the world that the Saudi government is held responsible and that they have 30 days to deliver known terrorists or else WAR would be declared against Saudi Arabia - like the Yanks did in Afganinstan. If nothing is done by the Saudis, then send in cruise missiles to start taking out Muslim holy places. Muslims did not care about precious
children and the only way to stop them is to show them that any terrorist acts in Russia will be the direct cause for the destruction of their precious holy places in Saudi Arabia. The only things these animals care deaply about is the Muslim belief system and the Muslim holy places. Target these and you have a chance to stop terrorism in it's tracks.


Beslan school attack

Our hearts and tears are heavy for the people in Beslan who have lost loved ones, especially the children.
Please accept our sympathy and great concern for the welfare of the families.  The world must work together to keep this from happening.
Love and strength sent to you from Salem, Oregon USA
Diana Bowen and Family

America mourns with you

It is painful to learn of the innocents killed in Beslan. The American people are horrified by what has happened to you. We are also horrified to think it can happen to us the same way. There are no words heavy enough to describe the evil that has taken place.
In the U.S., every person I speak with has the opinion that murdering children in school is so ultimately evil that any response from Russia is justified.
I saw our President Bush say on TV that if President Putin requested, the U.S. would be ready to help in any way possible. It seems that Putin and Bush have a good relationship, on a personal level.
Maybe from these murders our two countries can find a common ground to become better friends and maybe partners in a small way. Maybe some good will come from it.
It is horrible beyond words and America's heart aches for your losses.
John Rawinski
New Port Richey,
Florida, USA

About Russia’s tragedy

Dear friends and people of Russia:
   In this day of international shock and profound sense of tragedy caused by horrific events in Beslan, I want to express my most heartfelt and deepest sympathy to the bereaved and injured.
   Everyone in Venezuela who has closely followed these events is moved with sympathy for the victims and their families, as of course am I due to love and affection that I feel towards my friends that have some bond with Russia and for Russians in general because those of us, like me who have had the opportunity to visit that marvelous nation are deeply affected by this tragedy. There are not enough words to express my feeling right now except sorrow.
   There is great sadness for the huge loss of life and for the immense pain of the parents and families of victims resulting from an act of terrorism and please understand that Latin America stands in solidarity with you in this dark hour. Seeing the pictures of traumatized innocent children brought tears to my eyes. What monsters can do such a thing to innocent children?
   It is no secret that terrorism is barbaric, cruel and sadistic. Terrorism is also the most ineffective way of fighting that has ever existed. Terrorists taunted the hostages, they undressed them to use their clothes in order not to be notable. This is just the very merciless face of terrorism which aims to destroy self confidence and peace of mind. Those who took part in this siege and those who supported it should know that once you target innocent children, you will prepare the fall of your own. Hostage taking, hurting and killing children deliberately is the most outrageous act I could possibly imagine of. I will be forever distraught with the images of the semi-naked children fleeing from the school.
   My heart goes out to the families who have endured so much over the past few days. My sincere condolences for the families of the young children who have died in this tragic incident. Any killing of children is wrong. This is happening everywhere from Palestine to Iraq. I salute the courage of the Russian authorities for having the guts to show the terrorist underworld that they are not to be messed about with.
   I hope Russia understands that the whole world is accompanying her in this tragic moment and will never forget the suffering endured by the families all accross that great country. All my love, sincerely,
Jorge Marcano

Beslan tragedy

  I am a citizen of the USA, who has been following the events in Beslan. I am not only shocked an horrified, but moreover, filled with the deepest sense of sadness over the tragic loss of all these children. I am reminded of what we have experienced here, in the NY area and think, perhaps, that maybe this is Russia's '9/11'.
  I also think it is absolutely absurd of anyone to try to find wrong in the actions or Putin, or any Russian official. These terrorists will stop at nothing, and gives good reason for the USA and Russia to work together to end terrorism-world-wide.
   My friends here in the US, have only the 'brightest thoughts' toward Russia in these dark times. Is there anything we can do to help? Please let me know. Russia, and specifically the people in Belsan, are in my prayers. Know that American tears are also being shed on the behalf of your people.
I humbly offer my condolences.
Robert J. Parr, Weston, CT.

Condolences to the people of Russia

Dear Sirs:
As a father of three young children I wish to express my horror at the acts of barbaric terrorism you have endured and my condolences to the people of Russia, especially those parents who now must endure life without their innocent young ones.
Some would try to confuse the issue with apologies about the terrorists' motivations. There can be none. This premeditated murder of hundreds of children and adults is inhuman. I dream that citizens of the world will rise up to confront attitudes that condone suicide in the act of killing others. There will be no long standing peace until such perverted teachings are eliminated worldwide and thoughts of acts of terror as an expression of political will are truly taboo to all.
My local friends and neighbors are unanimous in their condemnation of the acts perpetrated against you and have nothing but the warmest thoughts of sympathy and empathy towards the Russian people. We are very sorry for your loss.
David Braun
Massachusetts, USA


Our hearts are breaking for the children and adults who were affected by this horrendous terrorist attack.  We are shaken by the images that we see on tv.  If you can find any comfort in this international embrace then it is the very least we can do.  Our hearts will remain heavy but hopeful that you will overcome this tragedy and move on with your lives as the strong, proud, people of Russia have done so many times throughout history.  Your recovery will always be bolstered by our faith and affection for you and your children.
Love to Beslan
Melissa and David
Centreville, Ohio  USA


We followed the events on television as they happened during the night, are so very sorry for the tragedy at the school, the airplanes, and the suicide bombing in Moscow, hope that the world does not spiral into devastation, and hope that the Russian Federation will be able to pull the nations together. Russia is such an important country with such a history of courage and honor, beauty and splendor, we wish that we could help in some way, and we wish you, Mr. Putin and the govt., and all of us well.
Lucy Chambers, Blaine, WA, USA

My deepest sympathy

I am so sorry to bother you at a time like this..but I wasn't sure where else i could write to.  My heart is aching for all of Russia but especially the children,parents and relatives involved in this horrific terrorist act committed against innocent children.  I've read alot about Putnin not doing enough..I don't agree.  If he would have stormed the building immediately he would have been blamed for that.  Even I know there is no reasoning with terrorists..let alone ones who were watching children starve, thirst and pass out from sheer exhaustion and lack of water and more horrificly...enjoying the suffereing of these poor innocent lives.  If this atrocity would have been allowed to proceed for much longer then we would hear people complaining about why he didn't go in sooner. Under the circumstances of how they were being treated in there..he would have been walking into a gymnasium of 100's of dead children who were starved to death, dehydrated,heat exhaustion if they kept 'negotiating' with terrorists who wanted no other end then the deaths of all these innocent victims.  Please know...at least from myself and my family,you and all your fellow countrymen/women and children have are undying support and sympathy.  Our eyes are weighed down from all the tears that we are shedding on your behalf.  The only bright spot I see of this..if there could even be a bright spot...is that finally...any support people had for terrorists in Chechnya is long gone and has been replaced with nothing but contempt and anger at these inhumane life forms hiding under the banner of Islam.  May God protect you all and keep you safe...may God help these poor children who are now injured be able to deal with all that has happened to them..may God please finally do something to stop these atrocities against the innocents.
Take care and please stay safe,
Monica Tyler

Tragedy in Beslan

Dear Russian brothers and sisters:

A tragedy of unmatched proportions has struck your home.  We in the United States of America share in your pain and horror at the atrocities that have been committed against your children and families.

From now until our countries cease to exist, we will share a common heritage of September as a month of horror.  The start of the school year will be a time for mourning rather than joy.  Both of our societies have been marked forever.

I have read the comments of other Americans on these pages.  A minority have used this event as a podium to blame you for not supporting our Iraq mobilization.  I think that a growing number of us now feel guilt that we did not stand with you over the problems in Chechnya.  All of us share the horror of these cowards and criminals using children as pawns.

We are now fighting a common enemy and he has unmasked himself irrevocably.  Sadly, both of our countries have funded and armed him in the past.  It is time for us to stand together, starve the enemy, and wipe him out.

However, as tempting as it may be, I pray that the surviving families do not pick up arms and start a civil war.  To do so, without a strong command and intelligence structure is to sow chaos and complete the terrorists' agenda for them.  To allow a civil war to start and impoverish the entire territory would dishonor the victims both living and dead.

Please accept our sympathy and prayers, in spite of past differences our countries may have had with each other.

David Johnson
Bentonville, Arkansas, USA

Sorrow for Beslan

I am a 50 year old American that wishes to tell the Russian People that we pray for the injured and those that have lost loved ones.  In these times humans must stand together against the inhuman acts of the terrorist that have dishonored all of mankind.  Please accept my heart felt feelings of regret that this has happened to children.
Robert S Brooks


Its not often I write to any news source, but  I must offer my heart felt condolences and prayers to the people of Beslan and of Russia..The perpetrators of this crime, and all the other acts of terror make me absolutely sick and angry..bad enough that they murder innocents, but this murder of our children has no rhyme nor reason...only animals would do such a thing....time we stopped calling them political names such as terrorist or rebels, and call them what they really are  animals and murderers.. plain and simple and no religion or political persuasion on this planet should condone their actions
once again my prayers and thoughts go out to you all along with all Canadians
Bert Shutler
Brighton, On, Canada

On Russian hostage crisis

I humbly join the world in expressing my sympathy and pain for all that the families and children of Beslan have endured these last few days.  No cause, agenda or religion can justify the torture of innocents and, as a Muslim, I share the sentiments of all Muslims around the world that these acts go against the very heart of our faith, teachings and spirit of submission to God - the creator of all human beings.
To those that seek to use this tragedy to malign Islam and Muslims in general, I ask you to consider the brave Muslims of the villages neigbouring Beslan who offered themselves as hostages in exchange for the children.  They were discouraged by officials, however, because there were fears the Muslims' presence in the village would stir anger.  Readers can obtain this information from this link to an Australian newspaper: http://smh.com.au/articles/2004/09/03/1093939149739.html
If all Muslims are evil, why should these people offer to sacrifice their lives for strangers? 
This tragedy has shown us the division that exists between people, but it is not that between Muslims and the West.  It is between those who have retained their humanity and those who have lost it.  True Muslims love their fellow human beings, regardless of their faith, so please accept this Muslim's humble condolences.  May God give you strength.
Shawanah Tasneem

My heartfelt condolences

I sat at my computer yesterday, just crying---numb.  Reading over the atrocities of what people can do to people makes me ill.  To think that someone could possibly do harm to a child, much less hundreds of children is unfathomable.  The world weeps with you and shares your grief and pain.  I saw one of your celebrities wearing a black ribbon to honor and remember their lives.  I will wear a black ribbon tomorrow at church and encourage others to remember the lives lost at Beslan.
May God comfort the hearts of your countrymen.  May God Bless the families who are currently experiencing indescribable grief over their losses.  May God welcome those beautiful children and other into His arms. 


To the families and children of Beslan

Dear Sir,

It is with a deep sense of pain that I would like to pass on my sincere condolences to the families of Beslan Russia.

I run two websites and have on each of my home pages put a memorial to the Children & Families of Beslan.

Tony Romeyn

Murder of the innocents

Mere words cannot possibly convey the indescribable horror my wife and I felt at the massacre of the innocents this week.  Sympathy is totally inadequate to express our feelings.  The best we can do is offer our prayers at Mass in the morning and pray that God will provide your country the wisdom and courage to eliminate this scourge that is afflicting not only Russia but the entire world. 
William P Donovan
Yorba Linda, California

Hostage taking in Beslan

Please pass on to the People of Russia and the families in Beslan our deepest condolences on the tragic circumstances that happened their this week
We are unable to fathom how some one could do this to children. I did nothing for their cause.
We had the pleasure to live in Moscow from 1990 to 1993 at the Canadian Embassy and developed excellent friendships with many Russian citizens.
We pray that this will never happen again

Bruce & Judi Davison
Nanaimo British Columbia


Dear Sirs,
I have no television, and only heard yesterday of what had happened at Beslan, after all was over.
Wars have been happening for millennia, and children have always been the victims. This is not news. And it's time it stopped, and new solutions found.
I am devastated that this has happened, and worse, that it is likely to happen again. I mourn for the relatives and for the surviving children, and would ask you how I can personally offer my condolences to the people of Beslan.
I heard of a grandmother who had just bought a dress for her little grand-daughter to go to school on the first day, who lost both grand-daughter and daughter. I am a grand-mother too, and I want my condolences to go to her directly, not merely through an email signature that ends up with the local authorities.
And please, how can I send a message to the people of Chechnya, not to harbour feelings of vengeance for the loss of their own loved ones? They are eaten up with hatred, and my heart goes out to them, with a plea that they change their ways and respond to their losses in a way that enhances the dignity of humankind, instead of destroying it.
At practical level, I would like one day to host a bereaved family here at my home for a holiday, or help in any other practical way you might suggest. I would go to Beslan directly to offer my sincerest condolences in person, but I don't know the Russian language, and obviously what the people need the most at this time is respect and privacy.
I beg with all my heart that the Russian authorities, instead of choosing between vengeance (counter-productive) and appeasement (unthinkable), will exert every possible effort to make their schools and hospitals safe, to make sure nothing like this can happen again.
I share your mourning, and look forward to receiving your response to each point of this heartfelt, entirely non-political message.
Yours sincerely,
Beryl Williams

Of Beslan

Dear Sirs,
I just wish to say to the devestated familes of the horror of Beslan,that as a father,here in the U.K. I also wept with you at such horror-in which you endure.
We had such an incident(though the scale of Beslan is beyond comprehension) in the 1990, in a small Scottish Village of Dunblane.
That attrocity was caused by a dearranged gunman--a angry rejected man-who after killing 17 school children and there class teachers-shot himself.--That was vioced as "Evil came to vist us that day".
No one could have forseen such despicable evil falling on so many innocent pepole in that school in Beslan- of such now that a healing process is needed-I along with all normal persons,send my deepest sympathy to all those families.
This is the face of Terroism--it hides behind children-it causes havoc and carnage-it has no uniform-it is cold-calculated and unforgiving--it bleeds the econamy of all countries--"causes are lost-confused -turnred around"-anything to gain a impact--time is of no importance-.
To those who perprate such action, well done--it really does show us how so extarodinary brave you all are--how long did it take for you to learn the fine art of being able to walk under the stomach of a snake--complete with grand top-hat?
Maybe the children were so convienent for you--but will you come out of whever you now crawl into and be beyond there  courage?  Perhaps if you are so brave as to look into the night sky of Beslan--see the new set of stars and the faces of new Angels-children who cause us to weep,children who will in time be your ending--yes--why, well the are younger than you,they will out live you-outclass you become far more  aspiring than you and they do inheret the earth.
Let the healing begin.
I and my family stand with you-I grive-but I know how goodness comes from evil---it always does.
Philip Morris.
North Wales.

Please accept my deepest sympathies for the great awful loss of life in Beslan. The barbarity that murders children is unspeakable. Tell the people of Beslan that they do not grieve alone for their loved ones - they are in the thoughts of millions even though we are perhaps thousands of miles away. And it is in the strength of people showing solidarity together against such bestial inhumanity that it will be defeated.

Americans support the Russian people

Dear Russian People,

All of us American citizens are shocked and deeply saddened by the cruel murders of innocent men, women and children in Beslan.  We shall certainly support sny actions you take to rid the world of such cowardly terrorists, and we send you all our love and prayers

Tours in friendship,

Len Francis Monahan

Beslan massacre of children

The butchery of innocent children is saddening. My condolences to the families and your country.
We have all experienced tragedy at the hands of Islamists who number in the millions of individuals that would see non-Islamic nations destroyed. We made the mistake of pointing blame at those that were protecting us and wasted valuable time and money on internal witch hunts. The fault lies with militant Islam, its followers and supporters around the world. Islam is a fascist political ideal masquerading as a religion. The wolves are among us and need to be crushed.
William E. Dowling, Jr.
Augusta, Maine

Beslan tragedy

Dear editorial staff,

The Beslan tragedy makes me speechless. Children asking their mama's: 'They are not gonna kill us, are they ? We did nothing wrong' cust like knives through you heart.

Please use your power to have these terrorist people on television and have them verbal bombarded with 'values' to start of with. Whatever the argument is in Chechnya (for Christ sake, it is an area even smaller than half of Belgium !!), this is not a matter of crossing a line!

These people live on a different planet, in a different solar system, and got stuck in evolution a million years ago, where the rest of world continued.

My suggestion: let the Chechnya's get there independence for now. Within 50 year you get them back in a European Union alike economic cluster of countries. This situation needs time to get there and 'you cannot manage a situation where half of the people involved, use different or no rules at all'. It requires time to embed Standards and Values and, like in formula 1,
you never win a race in the first corner.

Kind regards from a very very sad, furious and depressed person.


Italy is near you, Russia

I just read the article translated by Anna Pavlovna Ossipova on the Pravda News.
I m an Italian Manager in a Network Telecomincation company (Vodafone S.P.A.).
I want say to You all, Russian people, that I am near You with the feelings and with my heart!
It’s terrible what happened over there, and I hope, also with the help of the "Nation", that the Terrorism will be defeated!
I feel  big love for Russia, from my childhood. I like your Culture, Traditions, History!
Soon I will come there to visit your cities. I have many friends there who made for me Invitation.
Russia, I will kiss your ancient and full of history Ground!
I am Italian, but half Russian with my Soul.
I want to express all my solidarity to the family of Beslan, shocked by this Tragedy.
Russia be Strong as u ever showed in every situation since you born!
Greetings from Italy
Giuseppe Annicchino

Terrorist attack

I cannot adequately express my disgust and heart break at yet another attack by inhuman terrorists that hide behind the name of God. Russians you have had your differences with us Americans but never forget we were on the same side against the one of worst despots of human history, the Nazi. Russia and the US won. Now we have another fight. Our leaders must be made to understand that the response is not found in politics or appeasement but war. Hold your politicians feet to the fire but focus their efforts on the swift actions that must be taken not the blame for what happened.
I will pray for your children
Frank Lilley
Boylston, MA

Beslan tragedy

Every American I know, feels the pain that all Russians are now feeling with the senseless and barbaric tragedy and unfathomable loss of precious life at the school in Breslan. It is my great hope that all peace loving countries in the world will gain strength from this beastial tragedy, and form a stronger bond to combat, and eventually erase the world-wide threat of terrorism. Those wonderful children and the many other innocent victims did nothing to deserve the horrendous actions of those maniacal killers. May the people of Breslan, and all Russia, continue to expand your freedom and human rights. Long live Russia, in peace and strength.

Robert Elliston
California, U.S.A.

Savage terrorists

America grieves for the loss of lives, young lives, in the hostage takeover in Beslan.  We cringed in horror at what we were seeing on television here in America.  All of us want to express our extreme sorrow to each one of the families who either lost a child or had a loved one wounded by the terrorists.
Powder-puff words such as militants and mercenaries are glossing over the fact that these savages murdered CHILDREN.  These young lives were taken by terrorists who have no respect for any human being, not even a child.
The world has been "put on notice".  It IS us against you.  And as cringingly difficult as it is for some countries to come to this realization, it is a hard cold fact.  They keep coming at us.  Whether it is in America, in Spain, in Indonesia or in Russia.  The terrorists will keeping a coming unless the world takes action.  Are we going to cower while children become the victims.  Where will it all stop?
It may take some time to rid our world of terror but until we do, none of us can put our children to bed and honestly tell them that everything is all right.  That they can go to school and not fear the worst.  It is up to us as their protectors to do whatever it takes to make our world a more secure place in which they can live and play and laugh.  Not scream in horror!
Sonya King

Beslan tragedy

Our family adds our names to the long list of Americans that have already sent condolences to the people of Beslan.  We hurt and grieve for those people--the lost children, family members, neighbors, friends.  What a despicable act.  Please let the people of Beslan know that we Americans care and despise these hateful, Satanic misdeeds.
Georgi & John Petrow
John, Olivia, Ben Duran
Norfolk, Va.

I feel sorry for the Russian people

I am verry sad about that, what happened during the last week in your country. I feel sorry with the victims and their families and the whole russian people.
People, they hurt and kill little children and do other horrible things, are no humans, animals neither.
They are nothing but vermin and must be exterminated with all their roots. God give your president a lucky hand for this hard job.

Greetings from Germany


I cannot find words to express my horror! I continue to cry for all the children and their parents. This kind of terrorism is more evil and unconsciable than I ever thought possible. This is barbaric in what should be a civilized society.
I want to wrap my arms around the survivors and give them my love. Just as I would after a child's nightmare. After all, this is the nightmare none of us think we will witness, much less be victim to. Please hold in your hearts that there are milllions of people around the world who are praying for you.
Linda Cockrell
Salem, OR


Just a note from one American that is thourghly disgusted after hearing the news from Beslan. How could these terrorists cold bloodedly kill those children. I was shocked by 9-11, but this is too much. From now on, any terrorists will now be referred to as the vermin of the earth that must be quashed as you would step on an ugly bug. To have done this act for some twisted political or religious notion or ideal is totally unacceptable. 
My heart is heavy with grief as is the hearts of any human being that has any sense of respect for human life. Especially the lives of those children that met such a horrible death. Nothing can ever justify such a heinous act. Please tell the people of Beslan that the world grieves with them and sheds tears of sorrow for all those innocent people that had to endure this monstrous atrocity.
I sincerly hope President Putin will not let this slide under the table. I can only say actions speak louder than words. It is time for the leaders of the world to put aside their differences and step up and be accountable in the fight against terroism is all its ugly forms. 
                                                                                                                                                Terry A. Walker
                                                                                                                                                Troy, Michigan USA

America and Russia

Dearest Russian people,
It's time for us to end this bickering between us forever.  We need to unite and stand beside each other as a common people and stand up in the face of cowardly Muslims and Islamic terrorists.  We share a common blood and a common bond and we should not let this opportunity pass.  Now is the time to unite as we did in the war against Nazi aggression!  Now, my Russian brothers and sisters, is the time for us to smash Islamic terrorists once and for all!
Otto Lehman
Florida, USA

Sympathy to the parents and strength to President Putin

From Oklahoma in America: Please extend my condolences to the parents who lost their children to terrorists. You brave Russian people are living a nightmare of terror that I can only imagine. The thought of one of my children dying chills me to the bone. I offer my prayers for your strength to go on. To President Putin: Sir, dip your bullets in pig blood and take revenge on these muslin bastards. May you find Herculean power to dispense JUSTICE. My prayers are with you all.

David Harrison

Deep sympathy from Florida

I would like the Russian people to know that Americans deeply grieve the horrible crime perpetrated on Russian children and their families by the Islamic terrorists.  We stand united with you in our horror and revulsion that these murderers could be so cruel.
While some of the liberal media reports criticism of the Russian government, I do not.  Clearly the terrorists intended to kill the children and their families from the beginning.  They took great efforts to attack the school, take hostages, and gather the innocent into one place where they could be more easily slaughtered.  They denied young children even the most basic necessities.  They demonstrated an extreme lack of humanity.  This is not the behavior of someone that plans a peaceful solution.  Furthermore, these hate-filled Moslems fully intended to seek martyrdom as taught by their religion.  They have no desire to negotiate or compromise.
While this may seem a harsh judgement  on the religion to some, the facts speak for themselves.  This type of activity is a recurring problem all around the world, not just Chechnya.  It seems to occur wherever Islam comes in contact with another religion whether it be Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Zaroastrianism, or something else. 
The children of  Beslan were innocents.  They were not politically active.  They did absolutely no harm to Islam or Chechnya.  This horror should be avenged and stopped.  The world needs to unite in fighting Islamic terrorism so that not only Russian children, but all children everywhere should be safe from such evil acts.
At this time we can only let the Russian people know of our deep sadness at such a tragedy.  The loss can never ever be repaired and the pain will go on for years.  After the main grief passes, let us not be immobilized by  the grief; but take action to see that these children and their families did not die in vain. 
With deepest sympathy, 
Sid Meyer

The horrific events that just happened in Beslan, Russia, seemingly appalls the media and political analysts. In their usual fashion of trying to educate the Western viewing and reading public (the uninformed) of the historical justification and their bizarre reasoning, that the blame for the actions of the insane terrorists, is in part Russia’s fault.
How dare they analysis a tragedy of this magnitude.
It is time the Western politicians and media understood that Chechnya will always be a republic within Russia. It is vital to the very existence and stability of it’s Caucasian borders and neighbouring Russian republics.
The Islamic militants are terrorists fueled by a physcotic hatred and power. They forget that Russia has always had the tenacity to eliminate outside aggression and will prevail. It will be acts of mass murder such as Beslan that will finally unite public opinion to defeat the enemy.
If this means a more authoritarian government to eliminate internal problems so be it. When internal problems are exacerbated by outside forces it may require more drastic actions. Is it a choice between security an giving up a part of personal freedom? You will find the answer in Beslan!
Putin is right! A weak nation allows terrorists and ideologists freedom. A STRONG nation doesn’t allow outside opinions to influence their judgment as to what is in the best interest of their people!
If we can now get the political analysts and news medias to keep their opinions in their like opinionated circles, we can all concentrate on the tragedy and personal ramifications that this cannibalistic act will have on the survivors and let them know the world shares their hurt and sorrow deeply.
Malcolm Beach,

Condolences and wish

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