International tragdy in Beslan and how to undermine terrorism

It was heart breaking scenes, it was showing the inhumanity and the far ever being scenes of brutality, I even forgot that we are in the twenty first century. I thought may time is being back to the time of the barbarism, then I woke up again, to think, even in that time, no children being the victim of any kind of atrocities.

Shame of them hiding themselves behind children and infants, the history will damn them, the humanity will deny them.

Again the Arab mercenaries were between the terrorists, I wonder what the Russian did to Arabs, the only back that Arab had was Russia and now it is time to think about it again and put this relation under microscope, what I hear they support the Muslim nation, I wonder why they didn't support the Kurdish nation, when Saddam was making the worst atrocities in the history, or they were not Muslim, or not Arabs. I ask again are they support the spread of Arabic language by terror or the Islam idea. It is good for any nation to know the mean of gratefulness.

How should I think about it, by which way, and with which kind of consideration, well let me analyze it by this way. If these sub-humans were not having outside support, they never dare to get on such act, if their leaders from the time of Afghan war not getting support, training, financial help, they were never reached this level of barbarism. The west are still in it's hypocrisy, they give safe heavens to them, they give them publicity, and more than that if the terorist who are still in loose go to them, they will get very easily refugee status.

What I see and hear from the west is the crocodile tears, or just a nice clap for them to continue more and more.

I saw again the Dutch foreign Minster asking for more information, yes I guess he have to ask his cow for it, like the rest of the Dutch government, who even don't know what is going on behind their country border, in consideration if they know what is going on inside their own border. From here I will tell Mr. Bot, you are the last one who must speak out, you are a member of the most failure government in the history of Holland, creating the greatest number of joblessness, discrimination again foreign who carry Dutch passport, both in public and job opportunities.

Let me not blame him much. May he still did not take permission from his masters outside Holland to make any comments.

My critic goes also to the state of Russia. I wonder how so many terrorists with so many explosions can pass all this way with no checkpoints, and not for the first time.

What measures should they take to prevent all that in the future, in regards to my opinion:

1. End the corruption in the Caucuses border police.

2. Reform FSB by taking out incompetence individuals.

3. Disarrangement of the units in the Caucuses, what I mean the Caucasian regional soldiers and securities should be no more than 1/20 from Federal forces that guard the region.

4. Total intolerance for corrupted and collaborated soldier or security member.

5. Highest control of the borders to prevent mercenaries from outside Russia to penetrate inside, and that by putting an eagle eye watches  for the human traffickers.

6. Seeking for the countries that support them by top-secret ways, and taking the necessary measures against them.

7. Higher training and more selectable way for choosing Alfa forces.

8. Training of the public and putting instructions how they act at time of emergencies and act of terrorism, like what happening in the USA and UK, taking in consideration if the parents, relatives, and civilians were put behind safe distance by a circle of lines, no terrorist could get away from the scene. Making an assault on terrorists are the work of professional like (Russian Alfa force or US delta force, UK SAS force) And not civilian amateurs, who may some members of the terrorists were between the civilians to make the work of the professionals difficult and to open safe pass for them after making their atrocities, furthermore it could save the life of the parents who lost their self-control and went on near and caused in their death. 

Yours Sincerely, 

Yadgar Miran

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova