Stephen Wall: Some advise to Russia on policy in Chechnya

I and other Americans offer our deepest sympathy to the Russian people for the unbearable pain and anguish most recently inflicted upon Russia by a ruthless, heartless, godless  enemy.  As for the future, it is not likely that Chechen barbarism will abate so long as they feel themselves occupied by Russia. It may be in Russia's long term interest to now consider withdrawing from Chechnya. I would like to suggest that this withdrawal should include the following steps:

Unilateral withdrawal of Russian military and civilian forces from Chechnya.
Close all  entrance and exit points between Russian and Chechnya  and place a fence of landmines the length of the border with Chechnya.
Do not allow any cross border access between Chechnya and Russia - no one enters Chechnya from Russia and no one enters Russia from Chechnya.
Cease all trade and economic ties with Chechnya.
Declare Chechnya independent along with the following caveat: The independent Chechen nation will be held collectively responsible for any further Chechen or Moslem cross border terrorism or incursions onto Russian sovereign soil. That as of this point forward, for every Russian killed by Chechen or Moslem aggression one thousand Chechens will then forfeit their lives via carpet bombing raids on Chechen cities and towns by the Russian Air Force. Of course the Chechens will subsequently test the Russian governments resolve as to this warning and Russia must then follow through as promised.                          

I believd this combined strategy may solve your Chechen problem once and for all. If Chechnya still refuses to desist from terror attacks and fermenting regional unrest, then Russia may have no choice but to obliterate Chechnya with nuclear weapons.

And finally, Russia may want to consider expelling Chechen ethnics back to Chechnya. These people may be too dangerous to have living amongst you. And too bad what the cry babies in Western Europe and the USA may think about these tough measures. They are not the ones whose children are being massacred by these Chechen savages.  

Stephen Wall
Leominster Massachusetts, USA

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova