Russian school hostage crisis - Readers' RESPONSES

God bless the Russian leadership who made the torturous/and difficult decision to storm the school. My prayers will be for the families who lost children to the murderous Islamic extremists.

Clearly it was for the love of the children that the Russian troops risked their own lives in this rescue operation. I believe the outcome would have been worse had nothing been done or attempts to appease the terrorists had continued. I hope the Russian people stand behind their government and not let the horrible actions of others divide them. 

Fred R. Forrett

Boston, MA, USA

David and Rosemary Cibak: Children taken as hostages
Our hearts go out to the children and families suffering at the hands of the hostage takers.  We are praying for the safety of the children, their families, and all those who are risking their own lives in their behalf.  Those hostage takers have turned away from God who gave them life, and they want to destroy the lives of the innocent through fear.  But they are the ones who will have to answer to Almighty God for their actions.   We just want you to know that the innocent children are in our hearts.  May God bless and keep His hedge of protection around them and those who care for them. 
David and Rosemary Cibak
Hephzibah, Georgia, USA

US citizen's view

I know we have had disagreements between our two countries, but I believe Russia and the United States could be great allies in the years to come. 
One of the issue that we have in common is the threat of terrorism from the Islamic terrorists.  I have come to believe that you cannot consider Islam a religion.  It is a satanic cult.  Anyone who doesn't believe that should visit the website and click on the tab "leaving Islam" written by a former Muslim.
I hope that President Putin declares an all out war on these vile creatures. Anyone who would take little children hostage and kill little children is not fit to be considered a part of the human race, and should not be accorded any rights.
I regret that President Putin did not join strongly with our President Bush in a much larger worn on terrorism (read: Islam).
Isn't it amazing that almost all of the horrible violence going on in the world todayis from one cult of people.. Islam?
We are in deep sympathy with the Russian people over the tragic loss of your citizens..and especially your young children.  I hope that the Russians will now realize how despicable this enemy is...and deal with them accordingly.
James Boldebook
Venice, Florida 

Your Children

Dear Sirs:

I am deeply saddened by the horrific events taking place in your school. My heart aches for the children and their families who have been set upon by the inhumane radical islamic animals. Please take comfort in knowing that my family's thoughts and prayers are with you and your country, God bless the innocents.

Stanley Tucker

President Putin should join the United States' war on terror

The recent attacks by Chechen terrorists against Russian civilians reminds every American and civilized people of the world that the war on terror is a global war.  Every American is reminded of September 11, 2001 when Chechen terrorists kill Russian civilians in Moscow or blow up civilian airliners while in flight.  President Putin has to stop appeasing hosts and supporters of terrorists like Iran and join President Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair to rout terrorists all over the globe.
We are all horrified seeing dead Russian children and other civilians who were killed by Chechen terrorists.  We believe that Chechnya should NOT be allowed to secede because if this happens, Russians will have an independent terrorist country a neighbor.  President Putin must join the west to fight the scourge of terror.  The war in Chechnya should be systematic and supported by the Duma and the Russian people.  
America understands the sorrow felt by the Russian people and feel your pain. 
Jerome Bulkan
Pompano Beach, Florida, USA

Join our war on terror

All of America is shocked and sickened to see the children being killed.  There seems to be no limit to how barbaric these bastards can be.  We support Russia’s war on terror.  It is time Russia and the United States join together in fighting terrorists everywhere; whether it be at home in New York or Moscow and bring the fight to the terrorists wherever they are whether it be in Chechnya or in Iraq.  We either stand together, or die separately.

Michael Schmitt
New York, NY

My sorrow and anger at the cowards who kill women and children


I have read for years about the Chechen ‘rebels’, and decided long ago that ‘rebels’ is not the term to describe these cowards, these despicable excuses for human beings.  I feel such sorrow for the situation in Southern Russia, and would like to say, as a United States citizen, that I hope my country will do *everything* in its power to help you in any way to get rid of these vermin.  I admire Vladimir Putin very much as a leader, but more important as a man.  I do not know how the Russian people perceive him, but here in the United States he is much admired.  We must *never* give in to these terrorists.  Never.  But our countries must get together, and convince the other civilized countries of the world, that this is a problem that *they* need to deal with as well.

France, Germany, Spain, and all the countries that use politics in these times remind me very much of Neville Chamberlain before World War II.  There is *no* way to ‘pacify’ or satisfy this enemy.  Evil people such as this must be erased from the map, and/or put in a prison cell for the rest of their lives.

I am just so heartsick and disgusted with all these terrorists, and all the blood, and all the killing.  We must all get together and make them stop.  They will *not* stop until they see that the world is together, all civilized countries one large fist.  And until the Muslim people and countries in the world become civilized and actually do more than pay lip service to these acts, I will not consider them ‘civilized’ nations.  They are either allies of these acts or cowards.  It is unfortunate, but the peoples of our two countries must be ever vigilant in these troubled times.

My heart goes out to you.

Andrew Hock
Boston, United States

Terror from Islamic radical killers must be defeated

Let me express my sorrow for the parents whose children were kidnappned and killed during the school raid by Muslem extremeists. The civilized nations of the world must exterminate all people that resort to violence in the name of political change. What a shameful thing to kill innocent children. Most Americans stand ready to help you in any way to eliminate this threat,stand with us to make a better world!

Tom Renick

Dear Editor,
Please let the Russian people know that we Americans are horrified and utterly dismayed at the attack your country has most recently suffered. To see children and parents at a school subjected to such misery and pain at the hands of the terrorists is almost to much to bear. Our heartfelt prayers and best wishes go out to the victims and their families.

Richard A. McGovern
Boston, MA.

Support from Croatia

We are with you, our Slavic brothers, and we are also with all those in this world who suffer from terror of Islamist lunatics.

Marko H., Zagreb, Croatia

Events in Beslan

Dear Pravda,

Please forward my message to a newspaper in Beslan.  I am only an ordinary citizen in America, but I want my sisters and brothers there to know how I weep for their loss, how I wish with all heart I could reach my arms across the sea and comfort them.  This tragedy is beyond words.  These lost children are my children, too.


Tammy Trocki
Maryland, USA

Sorrowful Russia, has lost her Christian instinct

The Most Holly and Victorious Kazanskaya has been forgotten.
What will be of you, our brothers?.
Asiatic hordes are waiting to confirm your weakness to invade and slaughter you,
and you do not recur to your spiritual strength!.
Roberto Finat Dнaz
Isla de Maipo, Chile


I have watched the events in Beslan this week with a very heavy heart. I am simple horrified by the complete lack of humanity displayed by the terrorists who have taken over the school. I see the pictures of the children and the families on my TV and my heart aches. Please pass on my condolences, love and prayers to the people of Beslan, and let them know
that Americans stand with them in their grieving. God Bless you.

Henry in Arizona, USA

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova