Children who become victims

It was a heartfelt feeling reading the messages to Pravda from my fellow Americans.
There is much truth to the fact that if the American and Russian people, left up to their own communication skills, without governments, would do just fine.

But having said that, I question the statements that the Moslem Religion had much to do with this horrible situation. As with America's 9/11, we still do not know who was behind these killings of innocent humanity beyond disgruntled Saudies, who were educated in the USA, but unemployed with no place to use these acquired assets.

We call them troubled, vulnerable youth with energy and brains not in use.
This is in every large nation, I do believe. I am not excusing  anyone but am trying to put the situation in focus beyond blame.

America's scholar, George F. Kennan, when in his eighties went to Princeton University and wrote a insightful book about diplomacy. He was Ambassador to the Soviet Union for many years and, admittedly, told that there was much misunderstanding about Russia and her people. Of course, there are infinite reasons for this that can be attributed to both sides of the pond.

But in all of this sorrow and empathy, we must understand (FULLY UNDERSTAND) what has been done to the children in Afghanstan (by both Soviets and the USA) Iraq and their people sanctioned and killed by thousands; Palestinian People;
Israelie Peoples; Serbian Peoples and the list is endless. Then add to this, the bombings of ancient places of worship, which is unbelievable, too.

So if this act stands out more vividly, then "we the people" must find solutions.
Firstly, we find out why are the so called "terrorist" doing these horrible acts?

Also what comes to mind, is Former Ambassador Kennan's latest book about nations playing "tricks" on each other and how these acts resound thus come home to roost. Perhaps, looking behind the looking glass and trying to  learn  "where
and why" the mischief is occurring. In Americanese, we call this "backfiring!"

Diplomacy is an astitute gift that is somewhat inborn and then, knowledge is the enhancement. I sometimes question if anyone under the age of forty has the wisdom for this grave responsibility.

The results are dire, when the inability of painting with a broad brush firstly, is not present and tunnel vision is the foremost ability of diplomacy.

Yes, Russian People are extraordinary people and in their worse times, their children were not forgotten. Their personal sacrifices for their children still linger in my mind, as I read the stories. Their love for children is akin to our poet Walt Whitman.

But yet, I have grieved for all these children that are killed endlessly, especially Iraq, who has been bombed for over ten years. We must search for the truth then ask why and who is
responsibile for this debauchery that spreads like a wild fire through our frail universe.

We must question the mischief of many nations and their destructive path thus we begin here. NOT to kill more humanity!  Should we not question why the terror?

Our humanistic state of affairs is in a very low digressive state, unless this area is addressed. We will have more  and more killing. So masses of humanity will be killed along with their children. This will be everywhere on this earth.

To rid a world of terrorist? This cannot be, for terrorists are not born but created by poverty and oppression...... not only from their own government but foreign governments....from politics of religions....from anger of the "haves and have nots!"
The greatest lesson of the last century should be learned from studying "the Eve of the Russian Revolution" beyond blaming Lenin, Bolshevicks or whomever came along later.

The illusion of getting rid of the "Terrorists" is the most illusionary thought that one can think of, in this area.

But I thank my fellow Americans for reaching out to the Russian People because there is a positive bond between these two great peoples....if given a chance to blossom.

Thank you,

Catine E. Perkins
Bastrop, Texas

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova