War broke out in Russia

Children became the first victims of terrorism
War broke out in Russia, but not in Chechnya, as many people had thought. In North Ossetia, 20 kilometers from Vladikavkaz, in the school building where children are.

Helicopters circle over Beslan. There are hundreds of killed and wounded, most of the are children. The war broke out one, two hours ago…

The most important things are not seen behind the details. One can think that this is an impertinent act of terrorism. Or that the terrorists wanted something concrete – money, releasing criminals from prison, withdrawing troops or something else… No! There is one concrete thing – the war. There are no guarantees that a new terrorist gang will no start terrorist activities in Dagestan, Ingushetia or even St. Petersburg. Russian special services seem not to be able to prevent terrorist attacks. The most frustrating thing, they are unable to produce an adequate response. I will be glad to be wrong. But I am facing the facts, and they say about the war and our not being ready for it…

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova