Svoboda: American crocodile tears

I have read yet again some kind words of solace from I would presume well meanings Americans who espouse sympathy with the plight of our  hostages. Well one could  say that there good wishes tainted with the words god etc. etc. could be better placed if they wrote to US congressmen ( not that they would listen) in respect for Americans tacit support for the Chenchens and others and I do mean that puppet US state Georgia under a trained american stooge.

America trained funded  the chenchen revolutionary movement as they did Osama in Afghanistan and still do. Do Americans have such a short memory?  Do they know that the great game of the US Gov is to destroy Russia bit by bit starting with chechenya, (completed in Georgia) with the Ukraine in sight sometime down the track. Yes its about Caspian oil and the weakening of the Russian state, this sadly involves terrorism by proxy as we see suddenly in Ossentia. I recall that Georgia wants to swallow Ossentia and others under its american master. What a coincidence that suddenly we have Chenchens supported by the usa georgia in a hostage crisis which as humans we should condemn. The law as it stands in the term conspiracy as a common law charges says this: Criminal Attempts Act 1981. When any person agrees with any persons or persons that a code of conduct carried out with the intention either (a)will necessarily amount to or involve the commission of any offence by one or more of the parties to the agreement.   Simply put America is as guilty by its support for the Chenchens as if it itself pulled any trigger,lever to destroy planes, kill children held hostage or anywhere directly or by proxy terrorist state sponsored actions exist.

America what next Cuba, Sudan, South Africa?? America keep your good intentions to yourself, for intelligent people know that this means.....death, exploitation and slavery.


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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova